Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On a serious note...

I was trying to wait until tomorrow to write this because I didn't want to bombard people by posting three days in a row, but I was just feeling so inspired. 

I have been getting facebook messages and emails from quite a few people...people I am friends with, people who I haven't seen or talked to in a long time, and even a person today that I don't know at all.  I feel like I am starting to change.  I don't want to be too sappy or make this too long, because I just don't roll that way, but I do want to share. 

I woke up this morning with what I am referring to as the "black lung."  It's really just a cough and some congestion, but I like to be as dramatic as possible when talking to my husband about what's going on with me.  I have been coughing all day.  I have a headache.  Jon's car got broken into last night.  There are a lot of reasons why I can be in a bad mood right now, but I'm not.  Yall's messages and support have really meant a ton to me.  People telling me they like reading what I have to say has been mind blowing.  Do I want to go run 1.5 miles today?  Absolutely freakin not.  But, I told you guys that I was, so I am.  When people tell you that you motivate them, in return they are motivating you!  I don't want to let myself down.  I don't want to let anyone reading, that's getting any type of motivation from this down.  I will take my black lung and go out in this 96 degree heat and pound out my run because I said I would.  Now, don't get me wrong, if black lung ends up being a precursor to pneumonia or something, my ass will be on the couch.  But for now I rock on...because of YOU!

I'm not saying I am responsible for anyone elses happiness or anything, but it's a proven fact that eating healthy and working out makes you happier and if I can motivate just one person to do that a little more, and feel just a little bit better about themselves it is totally worth it.

You guys know I'm doing the Advocare thing and it has been great, but what has been the best thing about it, is it encouraged me to start blogging and I have been loving doing this.  In the beginning I was hesitant to share EVERYTHING with EVERYONE about my weight loss and advocare etc, but I'm starting to wonder what my hesitation was about.  I am becoming a happier person and other people in my life are noticing.  I saw this on pinterest today and it kind of sums up how I was feeling about sharing and how I am feeling now...however I sure do wish my legs looked like that and that I wouldn't die if I tried wearing heels like that for more than 1 hour, but I digress

I was worried about what people would think of me when they saw pictures from before.  I was worried about people judging me for using Advocare products and choosing to share them.  I was worried about if people would read my blog and think I was ridiculous or pick apart what I was saying.  The show of support I have gotten has been amazing!  And I am starting to not care about what people may think.  It's because I am becoming comfortable with who I am and that is truly PRICELESS.  You don't know how much happier you can be in your life until you start making some positive changes!

And because I CANNOT stand to be serious for too long....

GET OFF THE COUCH YALL!  I have the black lung and I am :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I just quickly wanted to tell everyone what I am coming to see with doing this advocare thing.  The 24 day challenge was a really awesome eye opener, but I'm starting to explore some of the other products they offer and I am really impressed.  In doing some research I just ordered some things to try.  Advocare isn't only about weight loss.  They have a wellness line as well as a performance line.  I thought it would be nice to give you guys a run down of just a FEW of the products they offer.  I don't want my blog to be ALL about Advocare and I promise I won't try to sell yall things all the time, but I am getting a lot of results as well as motivation from these products.  I feel it would be remiss of me not to mention them.  Feel free to ask me any questions!

When it comes to losing weight we of course have the 24 day challenge.  I think they start you out with this as a jump start so you can get a feel for the products and see how you like them and really see some results quickly:

They have something called Carb-Ease.  You take it before your heaviest carb meal each day.  It is supposed to:
  • Helps reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates and fats 
  • Helps reduce the negative effects of excessive carbohydrate consumption
  • Provides support for body composition

They also offer Catalyst, which I did in fact take with my challenge.  I could actually see the difference in my muscles while using this.  The benefits are:

  • Helps maintain muscle mass during exercise & weight management
  • Aids in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction
  • Helps repair & protect muscle tissue


    ThermoPlus...I just bought this one:
    • Supports the body's ability to convert fat into energy
    • Promotes a healthy metabolism
    • Helps suppress appetite
    • Contains oolong tea and sage extracts to support weight loss
    • Works great in conjunction with the AdvoCare® Metabolic Nutrition Systems (MNS®)

    In the active line we have SPARK.  Now you guys already know how I feel about spark, but I will tell you about it anyway. 
    • Available in Watermelon, Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Citrus and Cherry
    • The most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market
    • Sugar-free, long-lasting energy
    • Surprisingly fast-acting
    • Contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy
    • Just 45 calories per serving
    • Sharpens mental focus

    In LOVE!  I also find it curbs my appetite which is a huge plus!!!

    You have your rehydrate which is advocares Gatorade type drink
    • Helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity
    • Provides a full spectrum of crucial electrolytes for improved electrolyte balance
    • Includes amino acids to help feed your muscles
    • Fuels your body with carbohydrates for energy production and sustained muscle endurance
    • Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals commonly produced during exercise
    • Helps prevent cramping during and after exercise

    I definitely want to try this one.  They have the gel as well which is great for long runs!  Kind of like Gu


    In the wellness line there are things such as OmegaPlex
    • Supplies 1,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving
    • Contains both EPA and DHA fatty acids
    • Plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients
    • Helps support normal blood flow and healthy blood pressure
    • Promotes cardiovascular health in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise
    • Helps promote healthy metabolism
    • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
    • Promotes maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails

    A wonderful probiotic

    • Helps maintain normal beneficial intestinal microflora
    • Supports healthy intestinal function
    • Enhances weight management
    • Improves nutrient absorption
    • Aids in good digestion
    • Provides immune system support
    • Helps relieve symptoms of occasional constipation

    There are so many things on the performance line as well.  I don't know as much about these kinds of products, but I GUARANTEE I can get you on the phone with someone who can tell you all you need to know.

    I just wanted to get the information out there to everyone!  Like I said feel free to message me on facebook with questions or email me at

      I HATE running

      OMG you get posts two days in a row!  That can only mean one thing...I'm on track and feeling motivated. 

      First, of all shout out to my mom and hubs for being my first followers.  Yes, they are my mom and hubs so they have to, but I appreciate it anyway.

      Second, shout out to my friend Andrea for signing up for Bootcamp Explosion with me!  If you want to come get your ass kicked with us buy the living social deal and message me!

      If you know me, you likely know my history with running, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.  When I first started losing weight there seemed to be this huge boom of people talking about running.  It was the trendy cool thing to do (I think it somewhat still is).  There were runs coming out everywhere like the color run and warrior dash.  All these "races" seemed to be stressing the fact that you didn't have to be a "runner" to do them.  There seemed to be an anyone can run mentality. 

      I am an elliptical lady myself.  I have extremely wide hips and very short legs.  Thanks family for blessing me with these two wonderful traits (eye roll).  I guess when I have babies I'll be thanking Jesus for these big birthing hips.  Anyway, at a very hefty weight and with these big ole hips I always thought there is NO WAY I am running.  No one is chasing me, the ice cream truck didn't pass me up, Ryan Gosling isn't running away from me so I am not doing it.  After ellipticalling (prob not a word) and doing weight watchers for awhile I was seeing definite results in my weight loss, but my body just wasn't looking like what I wanted it to look like. So go figure I decided to try and run.  I can remember this all very well.  I was living at an apartment in prairieville that I, for the life of me, cannot remember the name.  I was right out of college and working in Reserve so I had a 40 minute or so commute there and back.  It was the summer when I started.  I decided to try out couch to 5k.  I had no intentions of actually ever running a 5k at this point, but I had read about running and thought I would give it a try. The first week is something that I thought was ridiculous when I looked at it...Walk 5 minutes, jog 60 seconds, walk 2 minutes etc.  OMG this is going to be cake.  I think the total time that you are even jogging/walking is like 20 minutes.  Seriously C25K?  I played softball for 15 years.  I love being outside.  20 minutes??  So I get home from work, lace up my new pair of tennis shoes, and I'm off to run around the apartment complex.  I almost died.  Legit almost died in a puddle of sweat and embarassment that I was so bad at this.  I had shin splints, I was dripping with sweat, and all that was in my lungs was hot, humid, Louisiana air.  But you know what...I went out the next day and I freakin did it again.  And you know what got easier.  I completed the program sometime in fall.  I remember this because I remember at the end when you have to run 3 miles the air was perfect and it felt amazing outside.  Someone was burning leaves and I was all happy about it being football season.  I have since run, I would say, over 15 5ks.  A lot of those being mud runs with obstacles because those are always pretty fun.  I even completed a half marathon last December ( I didn't say ran...this is a story for another day). 

      With all this being said, I HATE RUNNING.  I keep waiting and waiting for this runner's high you all speak of.  Not there.  Which gets me to the point now.  I have decided to start running again.  I haven't done much of it since the hell that was called a 1/2 marathon (how do people run this in a whole marathon...without their limbs actually falling off?).  Yesterday I ran 1.5 miles.  I thought cake once again, I mean I finished 13.1 miles.  It's hot guys and I have not been running.  It sucked.  But guess what?  My body freakin loves it.  When I start getting in the habit of running my whole body changes.  They are subtle changes, but they are there.  My arms tone up, my ass gets a little better, my legs are amazing and holy crap my hips even narrow a little bit.  Sometimes to get the results you want you have to suck it up and do what works!

      This is me before my run yesterday.  I'm hoping I can wear the same thing in a month or so and see some body changes.  The plan is 12 miles a week to start.  That's 1.5 miles 4 times a week and then 3 miles twice a week.  Totally doable.  I'll keep yall updated.

      Monday, June 24, 2013

      New snack

      For anyone trying to eat clean I found these at albertsons and they are DELICIOUS!!

      Story of the Half-Eaten Mexican Pizza

      WARNING:  This blog post will be about total and complete failure.  Read at own risk!

      You know things did not go well when you wake up on Sunday at 11am, still half drunk, with a half-eaten Mexican Pizza by your head.

      Something went terribly wrong this weekend guys...

      There seems to be a pattern here, where I do wonderfully all week, then come Friday night it's an eat fest until Sunday night.  The plan is always to have ONE cheat meal on the weekend, but things seem to quickly get out of hand.  So far, things have gone relatively alright.  Most of the time Friday night is something I shouldn't be eating, but I don't overeat.  When I'm full, I stop.  On Saturday I usually have eggs for breakfast and keep it not too bad for lunch.  Well, this weekend shit got real.  I DO NOT drink.  By DO NOT, I actually mean I only drink once or twice a year.  I don't really enjoy the taste of alcohol so I pretty much drink to get drunk.  I'm not one to sip a glass of wine and enjoy it.  No thanks.  I drank pretty heavily and quite often when I was in college, but once I started losing weight I pretty much gave it up all together because drinking WILL sabotage your weight loss.  No doubt. 

      One of my best friends is moving to Texas next week.  We decided that we all needed one last night out Saturday night to party like we were in college.  So the husbands/fiances stayed sober to drive us around and the girls drank...and drank....and drank.  When I decide that I am actually going to drink I plan it out pretty meticulously.  With me, there is a very fine line between "good time drunk" and "throwing up drunk."  There is not a whole bunch of in between.  Jon and I went to dinner around 9 at Bistro Byronz.  I got the avacodo supreme.  It's avacados, sprouts, tomatoes, and balsamic on a 7 grain bun.  Not the worse choice I could make right??  I also got a Bellini-Tini. This is a martini with orange juice, champagne, lots of vodka (obviously), and peach and it's absolutely delicious.  So, we leave there and I have a pretty strong buzz going (because I don't often drink).  We head to Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's downtown and I ask the bartender if he can make something "martini-like."  He say's sure and I watch as he pours absolute vodka in a shaker, squeezes 3 lemon slices in there, and shakes.  I know I'm in trouble at this point, but I'm with my besties and feeling good so I drink it rather quickly because surprisingly that shit went down smooth.  I get another...and then one more.  You can imagine where I'm at drunk-wise at this point.  We decide to go to city bar (is that what it's called?) and I got a vodka and sprite, which pretty much tasted like vodka and vodka, but about halfway through started to taste like delicious water and lemon.  Things get a little blurry at this point.  I know we danced and danced and danced.  There is a video of it somewhere.  At about 1:30 I told Jon we needed to leave because, and I quote, "I need a mother fucking mexican pizza right now."  Being the wonderful hubs that he is, he laughed at me, helped me get my drunk ass to the car, and drove me straight to taco bell as I apparently sang "Little Red Corvette"  by Prince at the top of my lungs.  In my defense, he told me I was really good and he wanted to hear more.  We got home and Jon then had to cut my dress off of me.  Yes, with scissors!!  All because he somehow zipped my undershirt into my dress earlier in the night.  When trying to unzip, it got caught and I was plenty drunk enough to not want to deal with this!  He saved the dress, but had to cut the undershirt.  I slept in the undershirt with the huge hole in it, by the way. 

      And here we are...Sunday morning...full of seeping out of my pores

      Also, does anyone notice I just ate the middle out of the pizza.  No idea here. 

      Well you know what?!  It's Monday guys and I am feeling pretty good about it.  Maybe, this half-eaten mexican pizza was just what I needed to realize that ONE cheat meal a week is plenty.  And maybe the fact that it's Monday morning and I am STILL hungover has taught me a lesson.  I am pretty excited to go to the Advocare mixer by my house tonight and get re-focused on what I am here to do which is get healthy and lose weight.  Every time I want to eat something stupid this week Im going to look at this pizza.  Shit, I think I might make it the background of my phone.  Sometimes we need a reminder.

      Some side notes:  If anyone wants more info about the mixer tonight hit me up..  It's going to be a good time guys!  Also, please follow me if you read.  I have NO followers, but a good bit of views so I know some of you are reading!  And if you have anything you want me to blog about or any questions you have I would LOVE to hear them!

      Wednesday, June 19, 2013

      Good day for a good day!

      Well people it's DAY 24!!!  Challenge completed!   I did not get to measure everything yet, but at work just now I did a little sneak and I lost 1.5 inches in my waist and 2 inches on each thigh!!  Say what?!?!  I don't have before and after pictures, but I did take a few pictures today and here they are...

      Sorry the pictures are not right side up.  I saved them the right way, but what are ya gonna do?

      I am in a size SMALL dress!  So, let's  be honest here...Does the dress run big?  Probably.  Are these pictures taken at good angles?  Yea.  But don't rain on my parade.  I feel good and feel like I'm looking good and I am only getting better!!!

      Friday, June 14, 2013

      Longer Lasting Motivation

      I have a feeling this is going to be a long one, so sit back and relax...

      I've been talking to quite a few people since starting with the Advocare program and starting this blog.  We all seem to have the exact same thing in common;  we are unhappy with our bodies.  Now, all of these ladies do not look like me.  I think we tend to think that the people who are unhappy with their bodies are only the ladies that weigh the exact same as us or more.  FALSE.  I have spoken to girls in their 110's, their 120's, their 150's, their 170's and yes into the 200's.  My genuine guess on the subject is that if we got a Victoria's Secret model on the phone right now, she would have something to complain about as well.

      I wanted to post about this because I think it should be better for our kids.  We need to be happier about our bodies people.  Yes, all shapes and sizes.  This task is WAY easier said than done, but I really think I am getting a lot closer to figuring it out.  Progress is what makes us feel good.  We are constantly telling ourselves, when I weigh___, I'll be happier.  If I could just lose 10 pounds...20 pounds...5 pounds...I would be happier.  The truth is you won't.  There will be some part of your body you hate.  I mean yay for losing weight, now let's talk about how our boobs are way smaller than they used to be.  (not to talk all about girls.  I know guys have the same issues).  My point is, I am finding that what makes me happy with my body is progress.  It's not that I've lost X amount of pounds.  It's the fact that I have the energy to go out and play two hours of tennis with my husband 5 or 6 times a week.  It's the fact that when I go to a restaurant I make a better choice.  It's the fact that when I make a sandwich for lunch now I use Ezekiel bread, mustard instead of mayo, and leave it open faced.  These choices will make you happier.  I promise you.  Weight loss will be an added bonus when you start making better choices.

      The reason I named this post what I did is because, like everyone else, I can get REALLY  motivated from losing a few pounds, or playing a really good game of softball, or even seeing a picture of a strong girl in a gym looking foxy, but how long does that motivation last?  A day?  Maybe 2?  Right up until someone puts some cheese fries in your face and they smell good?  It seems like it's not only me having this problem....GET MOTIVATED PEOPLE!  There is ALWAYS going to be an excuse.  There are going to be holidays.  There are going to be birthday parties.  There is ALWAYS a reason to put it off until next week.  I mean it's Friday, right?!  And diets only start on Mondays, right?!  This isn't a diet.  This is your health!  It's your life.  I'm ready to stay motivated.  And I'm ready to do it with all of you!

      I am extremely happy I did/am doing the Advocare 24 day challenge (day 19 yall!).  It has taught me so much.  This is coming from a girl who knows how to lose weight already, and has done it.  This is different guys.  I don't feel like I'm "dieting" anymore.  I really do feel free finally.  I am not only seeing changes in my body, but in my mind too.  I am staying motivated.  Yes, I have my days like we all do, but when it's all said and done I CANNOT wait to see what my body is going to do next.  I can't wait to see what challenges I am going to face and conquer.  I can't wait to see what temptations are going to come my way that I am going to be ready for!  The positivity I am feeling has been worth every penny I have spent.

      PLEASE, PLEASE at least go and read about it.  It's an investment in your body.  And serisouly yall, what better way to stay motivated than to spend a little money on yourself and your health!!

      Also, I'm loving all the love and messages I am getting from everyone.  It is so motivating to know we are all going through the same thing.  Keep them coming!!!  And remembe to motivate yourself EVERY DAY!

      Wednesday, June 12, 2013


      I have been frustrated the last few days that my weight has not gone down any more.  As I mentioned before I am having some lady troubles and am certain this has something to do with it.  So today I decided to look back at some pictures of me at my biggest weight.  I lost a lot of my weight about three years ago, so now I start counting down from a lower weight.  I may say I lost 7.2lbs, but the truth is, it's A LOT more than that.  So from now on, after my weekly weigh ins, I will be telling you how much I have lost TOTAL.  I have never really put any before and after pictures together, but decided it may be time!

      So that was me.  Yea...I didnt realize how large I was.  Even thinking back I never thought I looked that big. 

      That's me now!  I may not be where I want to be, but the point is that I have come a long way.  Weigh in tomorrow, but as of today I have lost 33.8lbs.  At one point it was 46.  Hopefully I will get back to that.  I have a feeling that when I started losing weight I was not at my largest though.  Anyway, I just thought a little perspective was in order :)

      ***Also, please follow me if you want.  Or even just leave a comment!  I'm not sure if anyone is reading this haha***

      Tuesday, June 11, 2013

      On track

      It's been awhile...

      I'm on day 16 of the 24 day challenge.  Next Wednesday is the end of it, but in some aspects just the beginning.  This challenge has already taught me so much.  In the end, it's all about making better food choices.  This may seem like common sense, but as a pretty smart 27 year old woman, I can tell you that's not always the case.  Yes, it makes complete sense to eat grilled chicken rather than fried chicken when you go out to eat, however, it's not as simple as it sounds.  I WANT the fried chicken haha.  The challenge has really helped me in realizing it isnt the end of the world if I don't have the fried chicken.  In fact, if I don't have the fried chicken, I'm probably not gonna feel like greasy shit for the rest of the day.  Pretty simple right?! 

      ***Real quick like pity party****
      I should be skinny as shit.  I never have eaten THAT badly.  I am extremely active.  I play tennis with jon for 2 or so hours a few days a week.  I play softball one to two times a week.  I cut the grass once a week.  I play with our dogs.  What the hell metabolism??  What the hell???
      ***end pity party****

      Sometimes that's just life folks.  I'm still feeling pretty amazing and loving having my spark every morning.  I am having some lady issues which I think is the reason I haven't dropped anymore weight at the time.  7.2lbs is nothing to frown at though. 

      Also, this conversation had with Jon over gchat....
      I read your blog
      i saw i got a couple shoutouts
      its nice to see that you are being so positive about it
      i think the biggest change ive noticed is you are happier

      Wednesday, June 5, 2013

      Mind blown, Scale Tales, and Balance

      Ok my mind has been blown...
      I have been wearing bobby pins wrong for my whole entire 27 year life.  Why didn't anyone tell me?!?!

      This morning I weighed myself and I was up .4lbs.  Now, most logical people would say, sometimes you fluctuate even when dieting hardcore, but I wasn't feeling particularly logical this morning.  I kept thinking, "OMG what am I doing wrong??"  The answer to that question is weighing myself every damn day.  The scale is gonna fluctuate every now and then.  I have always been taught once a week is plenty and  now I am ready to stick to that.  My weigh in days at WW have always been Thursdays so Thursday it is! (Yes I realize this allows me to weigh myself again fluke people).

      Another thing on my mind today...the grass needs cutting, the flower beds need weeding (I accidentally typed wedding instead of weeding and pictured a flower wedding ceremony. Go ahead and do it), the laundry needs folding, the dishes need doing.  How do we find balance between living our lives and making sure the day to day chores are done?  I need to work on this.  Our house is a mess.

      One more thing...All State Farm Burea.  All State, State Farm, Farm Bureau.  Why do they all have State or Farm in the name?  I keep forgetting who insures us.

      This is what my brain feels like today...

      Tuesday, June 4, 2013

      Uber Motivated

      I am on day 9 of the challenge and I am down 7.2lbs.  I could not be more pleased...or motivated!  Today is the first day I really started telling people about what I am doing, but once the cat is out of the bag there is no turning back.  Now that I have told some people it has me more motivated than ever.  I mean who wants to fail when you have people watching you?!  This not only motivates me to follow the plan exactly, but also to get to the gym.  So far since I have started the challenge I have been just as active as before.  I wasn't going to the gym as much because we were having softball twice a week and needing to do yard work which kicks your butt in this heat.  Friday night I had a softball game and injured my hand AND leg.  That meant no cardio or strength training which was the plan for Saturday morning.  I did force myself to play tennis Sunday and what do you know the hand and leg both feel better.  Last night Jon and I played tennis.  Not like hit around lazily tennis, like very competitive I want to win singles.  We played for two hours and my hair was sopping wet like I had jumped in a pool.  I wasn't that hot, but oh Louisiana and your ridiculous humidity!!!  I felt like a champ and my body felt like a machine.  It made me excited to get in the gym and see how far I could push.  Feeling great guys!!  Here's to making this a habit!!!

      Monday, June 3, 2013

      Forgetting what day

      I am on day 8 of my 24 day challenge and I keep forgetting what day I am on.  This makes me so happy because I know it's not a countdown to binge eating after 24 days.  I really feel like it will be a lifestyle change.  I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, "I look really good!"  This does not happen often haha.  Jon woke up this morning while I was getting dressed for work and when I went to give him a kiss bye he said, "you look really cute today!"  No, this may not be all because of the cleanse, but I don't feel I can put a price on self-confidence.  Part of the reason he probably thought I looked cute is because I had the energy this morning to get up and put some makeup on.  I fixed my hair, picked out a cute outfit, and was feeling so good about myself that I even picked out cute jewelry that I would not normally wear to work.  Losing weight is awesome and I thought it was my ultimate goal when I started this, but something has changed along the way.  It has really hit me now that feeling good about myself and being healthy is what is making all the difference right now.  I couldn't be happier!  I saw this on pinterest and liked it, but I think they got it backwards.  It should say, I have decided to be healthy because it is good for my happiness :)

      Sunday, June 2, 2013

      Love/hate relationship

      I have discovered a love/hate relationship with whole foods. Jon and I went there last weekend before I started the challenge to load up on some healthy foods that werent so processed. I knew it would be a little more expensive than our weekly Albertson's trip. You guys it was WAY more expensive. We got a lot of  produce there. I had gotten an apple from harvest a few days prior to that and my apple literally tasted like nothing.   I kept taking more bites expecting to taste something and instead tasted absolutely nothing. So I thought maybe organic produce would taste better. Thinking this produce was going to be only slightly more expensive I was on board. After checking out at whole foods I looked at Jon and said, "never again..."

      Today we went to Walmart. Yes, I forgot today was Sunday and more people attend wal mart than they do church services on Sunday. I got some produce there for much less and figured I wouldn't notice the difference too much. I just had half a cucumber. I don't even know if I can call it that, but I can't think of anything else to call it right now. It was disgusting. It tasted basically like slimy semi-solid water if you can imagine that. 

      My point...well I don't know. I know the produce tasted like a million bucks from whole foods. It cost that much too  but who am I kidding, ill see you tomorrow whole foods so I can once again savor my delicious apples and cucumbers. If I'm going to have a diet consisting of so much fruits and veggies you better believe they are going to be the tastiest ones I can find!

      Saturday, June 1, 2013

      Winner winner chicken dinner

      So it's the morning of day 6 and I'm down 5.4lbs. This is the first morning I've gotten up and looked in the mirror and saw a difference. Yesterday I ate out TWICE!  This is a big deal. I'm on a cleanse and still able to eat out?!  For lunch I went to whole foods and ate off their bars. I got grilled turkey (tasted like thanksgiving!), edamame. Squash, tomatoes, and grapes. It was so tasty. For dinner, Jon and I had las palmas. I got the lite bite tacos and dumped the grilled chicken off the tacos and ate them  like that with veggies. So delicious!

      I know it has seemed that the last 6 days have been easy, but this today was the first tough day I had. Just so everyone knows. It's definitely possible to do the challenge, however today it proved to be pretty difficult. 

      Just because this little one and the boy sitting next to me on the couch make me so damn happy :)