Monday, May 16, 2016

NEED to!

Well, as most (probably all) of you know, we are expecting baby Mitchell in November.  It's been tough keeping it a secret, and I am certainly happy for it to be out in the open now!  Oddly enough, this was sort of a surprise to us.  A very welcomed surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.  We were geared up for IVF come August or September.  We were actually just about to start the process of egg retrieval when we found out.  God works in weird ways sometimes.  I have no explanation for how this happened, but we sure are happy that it did!!

But, enough of that...on to what this blog is really about.  And it's not about what I've been doing the past 14 weeks.  Which has been completely STUFFING MY FACE and hitting the gym minimally.  Morning sickness is no joke.  It's a real thing.  I never threw up, but I was nauseated from about 6 in the morning until I went to bed.  Almost every damn day.  The only thing that slightly eased the nausea?  My best friend!!!  FOOD!   Not the good kind either.  For a whole week straight the only thing I could stomach was Chef Boyardee Ravioli.  Yea let that sink in for a second.  I haven't had that since I was a child.  It's disgusting.  I admit this.  But, it was the only thing that made it tolerable.  And trust me, you will eat ANYTHING to make it tolerable.  Some other favorites during the first trimester...Taco Bell, blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese, buttered noodles.  Seriously all things carbs and cheese and that is about it.  And the gym???  I had weeks when the doctor was ok with me going and weeks where he wasn't.  But one thing remained.  The overwhelming need to crawl onto the couch on my lunch breaks for a nap.  And after work for another.  Getting to the gym was tough and I was lucky if I went once a week.

Now that I've entered the blissful 2nd trimester, I'm able to eat a little better.  I've been craving (finally) lots of fruits and veggies.  However, a 14 week habit isn't an easy to break.  And although the nausea has subsided, the exhaustion is still here for now.  It's not as bad as it was, but I still want naps like crazy.  The nausea has been replaced with hunger.

I've always loved having this blog.  I felt like it kept me somewhat accountable.  I don't think it should be any different now that I'm pregnant.  I have gained 4 pounds in the 1st trimester.  It's not horrible, but I wasn't small to begin with so I'm really only supposed to gain around 15 pounds total.  I also was already at a heavier weight than I normally am because of fertility treatments so I was feeling plump before we even found out.  I'm hoping that starting to eat how I was before the pregnancy will help me to maintain a healthy weight throughout the pregnancy and help me to knock the pounds off after.  Being pregnant isn't an excuse to eat 5000 calories a day of unhealthy crap.  I gave myself a break in the beginning, because let's be honest, we all need a break every now and then.  But, it's time to woman up and start being healthier.  What's a better excuse to be healthy than a tiny human growing inside of you.  It's never too early to start setting an example.  So, here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!!  Oh, I mean 6!!