Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicken Sausage Spaghetti Casserole

We cooked this Tuesday night (Snowmageddon).  Took about 45 minutes to an hour total, but was fairly easy.  It was decently good and it was definitely filling.  I give it about 3.5 out of 5.  Cheap and easy weeknight meal.  You can even prepare everything and stick it in the fridge and bake it the next night.  Just wait to put the breadcrumbs and mozzarella on it until you are about to bake it.


Chicken Sausage Spaghetti Casserole



2 spray(s) cooking spray
12 oz uncooked whole wheat pasta (I used rigatoni)   
1 tsp olive oil, extra-virgin
1/2 cup(s) panko breadcrumbs   
2 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese   
1 tsp dried oregano   
8 oz cooked chicken sausage   
1 medium yellow pepper (chopped)  

1 medium uncooked onion (chopped)
1 pound of fresh mushrooms (sliced)
2 Tbsp of water
4 cups marinara sauce
1 cup shredded part skim mozarella


-Preheat your oven to 350
-Cook pasta and drain.  Return to pot.
-Heat oil in skillet.  Add breadcrumbs and cook until toasted (about 5 minutes).  Put breadcrumbs in bowl and mix in Parmesan and oregano.
-Cook sausage until browned and put aside on plate (you can use the same skillet)
-Cook pepper and onion until softened (about five minutes-again use the same skillet)
-Add mushrooms and water.  Cook another 7 minutes or so.
-Add veggies, sausage, and marinara to the pot with the drained pasta and toss.  Put in a greased 9x13 cooking dish and sprinkle with mozzarella and breadcrumbs. 
-Cook for 25 minutes
-One serving is 1.5 cups or about an 8th of the pan

Weekend Wars

I started getting frustrated this weekend with my weight.  Same vicious cycle as always.  I was, for the most part, doing everything right.  Now, I did get drunk and eat pizza this weekend, but you would think being on point since December 26 that would not be such a big deal.  So I woke up Saturday morning and was thinking and thinking and just getting more and more frustrated.  Then I read Mama Laughlin's blog.  If you don't read it, you should.  I have been reading it for years.  Seriously, go all the way back to the beginning and start reading.  Mega motivation there.

I don't know if I am supposed to do this (copy and paste from another blog), but with a whopping 11 readers, I don't think anyone is going to call the cops.  Mama Laughlin is training for a bikini competition.  She looks AMAZING and has reached so many goals, that she set this big one next.  She has a trainer and she let her readers ask some questions.  This was one of them:

How do I eat more and not gain weight?

This was a great question because I feel like the more and more research I do, I keep reading that you are probably supposed to be eating more calories than you are.  For example, when I first started losing weight I was doing weight watchers and eating probably between 1200-1300 calories a day.  Now, most people who have researched this will know that is not a whole lot.  When I go to the various calculators on the internets and compute how much I should be eating for how much activity I get, they always spit out a number between 1600 and 1800.  That is a BIG difference yall.  Like a 500 calorie difference.  500 calories is more than I usually eat for dinner so that is like adding a whole second dinner to each day.  So, I started eating clean and trying to eat about 1650 calories a day.  Nothing.  My weight dropped about 5 lbs and then started creeping up again.  Insert freak out.  But, then I come across the answer to that question above at such a great time!!!  This is the answer that was given.  Mind blown!
I’m actually writing a massive blog over this but I’ll keep this answer short.
The overall goal is to increase your metabolism, everyone can do this, it just takes time and work. More work!? Dammit...
Look at the metabolism like a muscle you want to train, the goal is to get it to handle more over time.
An Example: Lets say you can squat 100lbs, our goal is to get you squatting 300lb (I have a girl that is going to do that this year) so we do this by adding weight slowly over the course of weeks, months, years until you can comfortably handle 300lbs
NOW… if you were to just one day and walk in load up 300lbs on the bar and try to squat it… well I’ll leave the imagery up to you but in nice terms you're going to get hurt, but if you were to add 5lbs and squat 105lbs until you felt comfortable with it, then we add more weight until you feel comfortable with that as well, and so on...
The metabolism is the same way, if you are used to eating 1500 calories a day and and want to be able to handle 2000 calories a day without gaining weight, you can’t just decide to jump it up to 2000. You’ll gain weight because your body wasn’t ready for that. BUT… lets say you just decided to go from 1500 to 1525… well that’s enough to challenge your metabolism BUT not enough to cause weight gain.
You’d simply just consume 1525 each day until you notice that your measurements (scale being one of those) stabilizes and then you would do a small bump again.
Remember, think of the metabolism as a  muscle. Train it to handle more over time.

Reading it now, it seems like it would somewhat be common sense, but I just really love the way he puts it.  So back to the drawing board I went and decided to do something Jon has dubbed, "Advo Watchers."  I started back on weight watchers Monday.  However, I am still taking my supplements and trying to eat clean.  It's just my way of doing a little more counting until I lose what I would like to lose.  I have dropped 3 pounds since Monday.  Even with Snowmageddon, which we all know was definitely a small eat fest.  Good thing I only had grapes and bananas at my house haha.  I'm happy with my decision to do this and I am feeling so much better already.  Being pro-active always feels good.  

The good thing about weight watchers now is that they have changed it up a bit since when I did it the first time.  The first time your points were figured out from calories, fat, and fiber.  You could pretty much eat 100 calorie packs all day long.  Now, your points are derived from fat, carbs, protein, and fiber.  See the difference there.  They are promoting a healthier way of eating.  You can eat all the carbs you want, but you are not going to be full and they are going to cost you more points.  I think this is a good compromise and I am seeing results.  

So, here's to Advo Watchers!!  Hopefully this is the key to my success.  Also, I am actually looking forward to spin class tomorrow morning!!!  Things are looking up :)


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Early Morning Workouts

So as most of you know already, I am on a quest to make 28 my healthiest year so far!  I am off to a great start and feeling amazing.  I can FEEL my body changing (this may not be true, I don't think you can feel changes in 4 days, but humor me).  One of the things that I wanted to accomplish was to start to be one of those people who works out before work.  I have ALWAYS wanted to be that person.  I always think about being able to go home immediately after work.  I was doing that some times when I wasn't working out in the morning, but I would struggle with it and feel so guilty.  I would always have making sure to get a workout in on my mind.  When you work out before work, you can go home!!  At 5pm!!!!  And do whatever you freakin want!!!  Ok, I lied about that part.  You know you have to do laundry and shit.  Oddly enough, after being a night owl for years and years, I have started to become more of an early bird.  But to me early bird means 7ish.  The gym offers classes at 5:15am.  I have to wake up at 4:45am to make it there.  4:45am is not an early bird time.  That is a night owl time.  Like, I used to stay out until that time, but waking up at that time kind of seems ridiculous.  That being said, this is how my week has look:

Monday:  5:15am spin class
Tuesday: 5:15am zumba toning class...oh wait they no longer offer that class at the gym, so 2 mile run it is
Wednesday:  6:00pm-8:00pm tennis practice
Thursday: I am planning for 3 miles after work
Friday: 5:15am spin class
Saturday: 1pm-3pm tennis practice
Sunday: Day of rest

I thought I was going to want to start out slow, but it seems that all this activitiy becomes addictive REALLY fast!  I actually almost attempted a 5:15am spin class Wednesday morning as well, but I figured I would give it a break since I had tennis that night.  I thought after AM classes I would be a zombie all day, but I have felt amazing.  It wasn't too tough to get up, although I think tomorrow may be different when it feels like it is -38 degrees outside, but I think I have it in me.

I read  this article Sunday night before I went to sleep, knowing that I wanted to get up early for class.  It was motivating and really helpful.  Some things that were helpful for me:

-Lay everything out the night before.  Clothes, iPod, shoes, whatever you need.  If you make it too difficult, you won't do it.  I literally lay my clothes in a stack in the order I need to put them on. My brain is barely functioning at 4:45 so I have to make sure it's as simple as possible.

-Eat a little something before you go.  This one is tough for me, but I will feel sick if I work out on an empty stomach.  What has been working for me is half a banana on the way to the gym and the other half on the way home.

-I don't have to do this one, but some people say if you put your alarm clock on the other side of the room that is helpful.

-On Sunday make a workout schedule for the week.  When you schedule gym time, don't cancel it for other things.

-Use social media.  I know it may sound dumb, but it works.  Trust me, I am as tired of reading about the personal details of everyone's life as much as the next person, but hey everyone is doing it anyway, so you may as well use it to benefit you.  It never fails...when I post on facebook that I am going to a spin class at 5:15am, I will almost always have 1-3 friends text me and ask me if I made it.  I don't want to have to embarrass myself and say no.  That is good motivation for me!

So on to a few benefits of working out in the AM:

-You boost your metabolism!  You get your body started right when you get a workout in first thing.

-You will sleep better at night.  Exercise stimulates your body, so when you do it later in your day, it is tougher for your body to get in sleep mode.  You need that time in the afternoons for your body to start relaxing.

-It is really hard for me to get motivated to go to the gym after work.  I am ready to relax.  If you make yourself get up, you will be less likely to skip a morning workout than you would be to skip one right after work.

-I will put you in a good mood!! Like all day long people!  “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy."  Remember that one?

Let's face it; our lives get busy.  There is laundry to do, dishes piling up, dinner needs cooking, all after being at work for nine hours.  But you know when you probably don't have anything on the schedule...5:15am.  Just try it for ONE week.  I bet you will get hooked!

Monday, January 20, 2014

28...feelin great

So today is my birthday!!  28 years young.  Did you know the google machine KNOWS it's your birthday.  Oh internets... 

As a birthday present to myself I have decided that January 20, 2014-January 20, 2015 is going to be the healthiest year I have ever had.  And hopefully the skinniest too! 

Personal information disclaimer:  I wasn't sure if I wanted to share any personal info on here, because quite honestly it is a weight loss blog and I don't want to bore you with non-weight loss related information.  However, what I am about to divulge ties in.  Trust me.  We come full cirlce here at Kait Weight. 

Last week was a tough week.  A few weeks back I decided that I wanted to go back to school to get my MBA.  I was super stoked about it.  I was ready to commit myself fully to something that I knew was going to be tough to do on top of working full time.  But I was ready.  I got my undergrad transcripts.  Started studying for the GMAT.  Scheduled an informational meeting with LSU.  I was getting my ducks in a row and feeling pretty swell about it.  Well, last week I found out, due to some unforseen circumstances, that this was no longer going to be something I could do.  I wanted it bad and when I found out I couldn't have it, it hurt.  It sucked and I cried and I was a total girl about it.  Sometimes you don't realize how bad you want something until you can't have it anymore. 

That being said (full circle part), I decided after a few days of moping and moaning about it that I would put my big girl panties on (hopefully soon enough they will be skinny, sexy girl panties) and start working on something else.  I was ready to fully commit myself to something.  I was ready to work hard and put in the hours it was going to take even on days I didn't feel like it.  So why not fully commit myself to this?!?  DUH!  To being the healthiest, hottest person I can be.  That may be my goal right now, but I know that if I apply myself I can do anything I want (barring those pesky unforseen circumstances).  I always joked that it would be fun to teach a class at a gym.  This was never a goal that I thought was obtainable because hey, no one (myself included) wants to take a class given by a chubster (I say that lovingly).  But hey, if I could get my MBA, why the hell can't I eventually teach a class at a gym???  I can so do this! 

So my goal for the year:  Get fit enough to feel comfortable going to get certified to teach spin, or zumba, or who the hell knows what else?!  I'll figure that out when I get there.  All I know, is that I am ready to apply myself and commit to something.  Looks like this is it!

Reaching my goal started this morning at 4:45am :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Last Post of 27

Let me get this out of the way...the advocare 24 day challenge is on sale until Tuesday.  This seriously never happens, so if you were thinking about doing it make sure you go and get it before Tuesday.  You can purchase yours RIGHT HERE!!

And now for my last post of 27...

Some big things happened this year. I got married to the man of my dreams!!

We had an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica. My first time out of the country

Jon and I played in our first tennis tournament together. And won!

We took a badass family vacation

We spent some quality time with this lovely girl

We lost this sweet, beautiful baby. But I know she is waiting for me on the other side. 

We went to plenty awesome tiger football games. 

We saw jimmy eat world in New Orleans 

I had this awesome night with some besties. 

We adopted this handsome young man into our family

I spent plenty time with these three cuties

I had one of the most amazing New Years ever. 

And just last night I had this delicious birthday brownie. We all know calories don't count on your birthday. 

So back at it tomorrow. Can't wait to see what 28 has in store :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What gym is right for me?!

I am writing this because it is something that I struggle with.  It may help absoultely no one, but I figured that while I was in the process of switching gyms and doing my own little research, I would post what I came up with here. 

Let me preface this post by saying hands down, best gym ever, no competition (for women) is women's wellness.  It's on the corner of Bluebonnet and Jefferson Hwy. and I must say it is amazeballs.  I loved everything about it.  Great classes and I was never intimidated there at all.  The only problem is there is one loacation and there is not 24 hour access.  I no longer live in Baton Rouge and I work off Highland right by the interstate.  There is no motivation in the world to get me to leave work at 5pm and head TOWARD baton rouge to go to the gym, only to sit in more traffic trying to get home.  Also, one drawback to this gym is the dreaded 1 YEAR CONTRACT.  I don't know what I am doing tomorrow, much less 6 months from now.  I don't like to sign year long contracts.  I'll do 3 months, MAYBE 6, but I'm not a fan of year long ones.

The gym that I am leaving is the SNAP fitness on hwy 44 (the gonzales east creek one).  It is an amazing gym and the price is great.  You can go month to month AND they have classes.  I am only leaving there because it is not particulary close to my house.  I actually have to pass my house up to go there after work and the traffic is awful.  There are some great 5:30 classes I would love to take, however, getting there at 5:30 just doesn't happen for me.  If you live closer to this gym I would highly recommend this one!  I will even post the class schedule for you because I am awesome.  I think pricing for this one is around 42 bucks a month.  24 hour access and tons of locations.  I belive you do have to be a member of this specific snap to enjoy their classes however.

So here are a few I am looking at:

Anytime Fitness Prairieville (on airline hwy, close to the pville wally world):
This gym has 24 hour access (hence the name "anytime") and what you would normally expect to see at any other gym.  There are also tanning beds here if you are into that.  Below is their class schedule:


Spin / Abs / Butt

12:10 – 1:00 pm

 9:00 – 9:45 AM (Jennifer)


9:00 – 10:00 AM (Ken)
H.I.I.T CONNECTION PLUS                  9:00 – 10:00 AM (Ken)
H.I.I.T CONNECTION 5:30 – 6:30 PM (Ken)


The only thing that has been bugging me about these gyms (not just this one...all of them) is there are pretty much unwilling to give you any kind of pricing via email.  I haven't tried calling, but it would be much more convenient if they would just email me.  I totally understand that they want to get you in there, but sometimes it would just be easier if I just knew prices!  That being said, I did get some pricing out of them by phone. 
For a single membership:
2 year contract: 41.95
1 year contract: 49.95
1 time key fee:  29.95 (pretty sure I have one of these floating around somewhere)
1 time enrollment fee:  50.00

Foxy's fitness (on airline around the pville walmart area)
Their fitness class schedule came in pdf form, so I will just list the classes that I would be able to make (or anyone else who works):

5:30 Fab Ab
5:45 Zumba
6:00 Cycle

5:30 Body Pump

Same schedule as Monday

9:00 Cycle

There are also plenty classes during the day, but you won't catch any before work because the first class starts at 9am.  There are 3 locations and the website makes it sound like you can go to classes at any location, but certainly do not quote me on that.  There is a karate group there.  You don't have to go to Foxy's to do this, but you do get a discount if you are a member.  There is also a "group training" deal here, but I would assume this cost extra.  So I called to get pricing here and they danced around it.  They wanted to set up an appointment for me to come in.  I also played 20 questions with them about where we were going to the gym and what we were looking to accomplish etc.  The best answer I got was, "Our memberships start at $25, does that fit your budget?"  Kind of frustrating, but I digress.

Fusion (or as my sister calls it, "Globogym")
I used to go to Fusion and it is actually very nice.  I really liked it there, but they are a little pricy.  I'm pretty signed a 1 year contract and I still was paying around $55.00 a month.  It's not 24 hours, but they have decent hours.  The only reason I like the 24 hour ones so much are because I can go on Sunday mornings.  Most places that arent open 24 hours are open from like 12-5 on Sunday and I never go between those times.  This gym is, however the closest gym to my house.  You can check out their class schedule HERE!  Also, a description of their classes HERE!  They have a kid zone that you can use at an additional charge.  This is great for people with kids.  They also have a spa.  I never tried it and, of course, you have to pay for the services.  There is a pool as well, and a steam room.  This one has a lot of things other gyms don't have, so that may be why the price is a little higher.  The only problem with that, is that if you dont use the spa, have kids, want to swim, or want to steam those things are kind of useless.

Anytime Fitness (Dutchtown)
I used to go to this anytime fitness and left because it was just too small.  I would have to wait to use a lot of the equipment if I went right after work and I just wasn't up for doing that.  I have heard since then they have expanded so this is definitely a viable option now!  My job gives a small dicount to people who go to anytime fitness so that is a bonus.  I would be looking around 45 bucks a month, but you would have to call to get your own pricing.  I could not get in touch with anyone to get a class schedule, but I do know they have spin Mon, Wed, and Sat.

Does anyone go to the Zoo?  How do you like it?  Any other gyms that are just fabulous or really awful? 

In the end, you need to pick a gym that is right for you.  I find that it does not matter how badass the gym is, if it's not easy to get there, you are not going to go.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Monday night workout

So, Monday night I got home from work and was SUPER sore from my hellacious workout on Sunday morning.  Still, I didn't want to just sit around.  I heard that you could go OnDemand (for you cox users out there) and there would be some free workout stuff.  I decided to go check it out.  I went to the free zone and figured it must be under health and wellness!

After clicking, there was a title that said Discovery Fit-Health.  That sounded like what I was looking for, right?  Wrong.  The only thing under that heading was, "Sex sent me to the ER"  As you see the description says, 440lb virgin sends his girlfriend through the wall and to the ER after his first time.  This may not have been what I was looking for, but you have to admit that sounds interesting as hell.  I may have to go back and watch.  THROUGH THE WALL GUYS!

Anywho, I quickly backed out of there and the only other heading was Mag Rack Fitness.  Fingers-crossed, I clicked.  It was what I was looking for!!!  I did the Dance and Be Fit:  Hip Hop Cardio one.  It was 35 minutes long and I did work up a sweat.  It wasn't as intense as most workouts, but it was something when I definitely could have plopped on the couch and watched Weeds (It's my currently netflix addiction.  I'm on season 7.  One more to go.  "Little boxes, on a hillside...")

I totally intend to try out the yoga.  Even after a workout, this could be nice to relax and stretch it out.  Plus, most of these said, "available until January 15" which means they update these every few weeks.  WIN!

There is always an excuse not to go to the gym or run outside, but seriously there aren't many excuses you can use, knowing there are workouts right there for free on your television!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Morning Workout

So, as you can all see I changed up some things on the blog.  The background was kind of...busy...before and I wanted to tame it a bit.  I also added some links at the top because I finally figured out how to do that.  Don't go clicking around though, because I have not actually added anything to most of these yet.  I did, however, set up a Contact Me/Links page that you may find helpful.  I also, set up a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the blog and also to share things, that although awesome, may not be "blog worthy."  Feel free to like that page :)

Today I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about my weekend.  I ate like crap on Saturday.  Like real bad yall.  I haven't really had processed sugar for quite some time.  I never understood when people would say, "How can you eat that?  I feel so bad.  I never want to have fast food again...blah blah blah."  But now I think I may have a little insight on it.  I felt  like complete garbage.  Does that mean I will never partake in a cupcake again?  Certainly not, but I did feel bad enough that I made a vow not to revert back into old habits.  I will post a little more about my struggle (hopefully not just mine) to consistently eat healthy AND go HAM (now that we all know what that means) at the gym. 

I have mastered one at a time, but I'm not so good at doing them both at the same time consistently.

Anywho, what I really wanted to tell you guys about was my workout with my "friend" Sunday morning.  The reason there are quotations around friend is because after that workout, I don't know how we can ever be friends again because she legit tried to kill me.  True story.  You know who you are.  She texted me last week and said, "You want to do stadiums with my Sunday?"  I looked at my calendar and I didn't have anything, so I figured why not.  That could be fun.  I knew what "stadiums" were when I agreed, but I somehow didn't really put together what they were and that I would be doing them.  My mistake.  So her next text says something like, "8am?  I like to get an early start."  Geez!  Alright, I'm in, but geez. 

***Side note:  She also asked me if I wanted to go to her 8am spin class Saturday morning.  Definition of HAM, if we still aren't sure what it means***

So I get there and she tells me that we are going to run up and down each set of steps on the bleachers.  You run up one side of the railing and down the other, then run to the next set of steps and repeat.  I counted...there was 11 sets of steps.  After that, I was told to run down to the track and jog a lap (I think it's a quarter of a mile).  I though, easy peasy.  I've got this no problem.  So, we start and I get to about the 4th set of steps before I start to think, "Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?"  The stadium then appeared to be approximately this large:

But, I'm not quitter so I kept going. 

  (Unfortunately I did NOT look like this at the end)

I was so so so happy when I got down to the track.  I never thought I would be so happy to run.  It's all perspective.  Like maybe you would be happy to eat something you hate (like olives for me) if you were comparing it to eating an actual dog turd right?  This was kind of like that. 

She finished a good bit before me, but I kept going and finally found my way back to where we started.  I thought, "Oh my Lord, I made it!!  I'm a beast!  Hell yea!"  Then she said, "Now this time..."  What??  This time?  Like we are about to do this shit again?  I'm pretty sure I said no, but apparently no does not mean no to my "friend."  So we took off again, this time going up two steps at a time.  I'm also pretty sure that about halfway through this set I started having thoughts about how if I fell down the bleachers and broke my ankle or something I wouldn't have to go anymore.  After finishing this set we then did three sets of run up, run across, run down, 15 somethings.  We did sit ups, jumping jacks, and, jump squats.  Thanks "friend."  I can barely sit down today.  It is probably a good thing diet-wise, however, because the kitchen at work is upstairs and walking up stairs right now is absoultely awful. 

But, on a serious note, it really was a great workout and I had a good with my friend!  Oh, and as crazy as it sounds I will probably do it again.  Sometimes it takes someone else to push you into a good workout.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Motivation Friday...and making it livable!

My advice to you today...STOP doing things you don't like to do.  Easy enough right?  Wrong.  Sometimes I like to run and sometimes I do not like to run, but for some reason when I am on a quest to lose weight I forget that.  For example, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day.  I got off at 4 and could not wait to get home and run.  Conditions could not be more perfect.  So, I got home and changed and took off. I ran about mile and a quarter and you know what?  I just did NOT feel like running anymore.  In the past, I would have just went home and beat myself up about it, but instead, I stopped running and I started walking.  I like walking and taking in how beautiful the day is.  I stopped and took pictures.  I listened to some favorite chill music.  I walked and walked and when I finally went home I had gone 3 miles.  Stop telling yourself you have to do things a certain way to lose weight.  You don't have to.  You do NOT have to run to lose weight.  Do what you like to do.  Walk.  Dance.  Anything!  It doesn't have to be painful to lose weight. 

I was so tired of wanting to go out to dinner on the weekends and Jon's response being, "Ok, where can you go?"  Take control of the situation.  I used to have to think and say, "Well, there's no bland grilled chicken here etc etc."  YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO GO!!!  Go somewhere and get a turkey burger and trash the bread.  Get veggies instead of fries.  Still 3 french fries off your husbands plate.  Be happy and quit feeling deprived.  Go to a mexican restaurant and get some tortilla soup or fajitas and don't gorge on bread and cheese or sour cream.  Have a bite of cake at that birthday pary.  A bite.  ONE.  You can lose weight AND still have a life. 

Now let me warn you.  That being said, if you want to lose weight AND have a life get ready for it to come off SLOWLY.  Like honey dripping onto a sopapilla...enchiladas...nacho cheese. Sorry!  Where was I?  Oh yes, the weight will come off slowly and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Take it off slowly, keep it off!  I'll write another post just like this when I'm skinny, so I have street cred and you will all believe me :)

For the New Year a lot of people decide to go HAM (mom, that means hard as a mother f*cker :)), but oftentimes people go SO hard that by week two they are burnt out and back to old habits.  I know you don't want to hear it's a lifestyle change.  Trust me, I know.  But, it is and you have to make it livable if you want to keep it up.  Remember that this weekend guys. 

Silver lining...

Remember how we talked about comparing ourselves to others?

Consistency, consistency, consistency...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snotcicles and food reviews

Yes we are going to talk about both of them on the same blog post!  Appetizing!

The last two days I have been a lazy blob. I admit it. On my quest to running 365 miles this year, I just couldn't bring myself to the gym the second week in January with the ny resolutionists. I hate the treadmill anyway and it was FAR too cold for me to even BE outside, much less RUN outside. So, today I figured I would go for a decently long run after work. The plan was 4 miles to catch up after my two lazy days. I started my run and about two seconds in I realized, although it wasn't 20 degrees like the last two days, 43 degrees is NOT cool and Snotcicles WILL form.  I got about two miles before saying "you know what" that (starts with an F).  But hey I did something so I'm totally ok with it.  Also, I took a few pics on my run...

Some people still have their Christmas lights up and on. Nice to look at with my numb eyes and snotty nose. 

Kind of blurry, but I really love when I turn the corner onto my street and see the pretty sunset sky. 

Also, song of my run. It's a great song even if you aren't running.  Download it. Spotify it. Whatever just listen to it. 

Now, on to some food reviews. I know when I'm eating clean and healthy I can get burnt out on the same foods over and over so I wanted to give some reviews on some of the things I have recently tried. 

Larabars...holy crap I love these things!!!  The cherry pie is my favorite. Also love the lemon and apple pie. Stay away from blueberry muffin. It was pretty disgusting. 

They are so tasty and as you can see the ingredients for the apple pie one are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, wallets, raisins, cinnamon. Simple and clean. Perfect for a snack or even breakfast on the go. I actually look forward to having these. 

I got really hungry when I was shopping the other day. I was actually feeling a little light headed. I was in Marshall's ( bargain shopper what up). They had these at the register. The only ingredient was organic mango. It wasn't the BEST thing I have ever eaten, but it did the job. 

I bought one of these to try the other day. I got it at walmart. It was by the apple sauces. The jury is still out on this. It was tasty, but I'm just unsure. The texture was somewhere between yogurt and water. I think that is what got me. But, once again, it did the trick as a morning snack and got me to lunch no problem. 

Ingredients are organic banana, mango, oranges, and lemon juice. 
I think it would be better on oatmeal or yogurt...

Just a side note:  I typed this on the iPad which is difficult so excuse any poorly spelled words. Also, I know a lot of these foods are labeled organic. Just so you know, I don't necessarily seek those out. Sometimes it just happens. 

Also, if you read and enjoy I would love for you to become a follower. You know, just so I know it isn't my mom and husband clicking my blog over and over again. :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I really meant to blog yesterday, but just got busy with things and didn't get a chance, but now I REALLY wish I would have!!!  So...go ahead and humor me and let's pretend like it's yesterday.  Don't worry, we will go back to it being today later on in the post :)

So this morning I get on the scale and what do you know, it's stuck again.  Maybe my scale is broken?  Surely, if I shake it, it will work properly.  Step back on...still stuck...must be me. 

Commence pity party:

Ugh why me God?!  *Falls on the floor dramatically* 

I'm doing everything right.  EVERYBODY else is losing weight.  2014 SUCKS.  I'm eating cake and cake only today.  It's been TWELVE days.  TWELVE!!!  I should have surely lost 47 pounds by now.  Something is wrong.  I must have a condition.  Yep, that's it.  Gotta be a condition. 

Conclude pity party:

*picking myself up off the ground...lip still quivering*  Guess I have to put some clothes on and go to work now. 

Sudden Realization:

Yes, kind of like that.

It's been twelve days. I am being dramatic.  I've lost 4.4lbs in 12 days.  Healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a weeks.  Does that suck?  Abso-freakin-lutely, but at this point I am actually ahead of the game. 

Also, side note..."You didn't gain the weight overnight.  You can't expect to lose it overnight."
Screw you every skinny person who has ever said that.  That is all.

So I went to work yesterday and I continued to feel motivated even after being a healthy eating rockstar for 12 days and only dropping the initial weight in the first few days and watching everyone who started on the first pass me up.  I ate clean.  I felt really good and energetic all day.  I was never once hungry.  And I started to think, if only for a fleeting moment, that it isn't necessarily about weight loss blah blah blah.  I mean, that moment passed, but it was there for a second.  A lifestyle change instead of a diet, if you will.  I call that progress. 

So this morning I get on the scale and what do you know, not stuck anymore.  Lost ONE more pound.  ONE WHOLE POUND!

Commence naked bathroom dance party:

Heck yes heck yes heck yes!!!

5.4lbs down.  I will take that anyday! 

Moral of the story:  Don't give up.  I know it sounds lame, but seriously, if you are trying to lose weight you will be tested again and again and again.  You have to be committed.  Consistency really does pay off.  There are going to be weeks where you KILL it at the gym and eat like a champ and the scale is not going to move.  Hell, it may even go up a pound.  There will probably even be weeks where you eat like shit and sit your ass on the couch and lose a pound.  Be consistent though and it will pay off.  Think about it this way.  Are you eating on point 24 hours/7 days a week?  No matter how good you are doing I don't think any of us are doing that.  Are you at the gym everyday?  If you aren't doing those things 100% of the time (and no one expects you to because life would probably kind of suck if you did), don't expect the scale to go down 100% of the time.

Another thing (and I am just really starting to learn this), QUIT COMPARING YOURSELF AND YOUR WEIGHT LOSS TO OTHER PEOPLE.  It will kill your motivation everytime.  So it for yourself and know that you are uniqe and your weight loss journey will be unique as well.  You can only do the best that YOU can do. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Motivation, umm Friday?

Motivation Monday just sounds better, but I think I need this today.  I had a large scale drop right when I started the challenge and since then, it will NOT budge.  Sometimes I think this is just the weight God wanted me to be.  I am trying to have patience, but it definitely gets tough.  I think this is about the time that a lot of people will quit because it's pretty frustrating, but I digress.   Pity party over.

I went for a run last night even though I had every excuse not to.  I couldn't find my earbuds OR my tennis shoes.  The wind was whipping and it was cold.  I HATE the cold.  I would rather run at 100 degrees before I run at 50. I did it anyway and it was one of the best runs I have ever had.  It was just great.  I felt awesome.  I felt limber.  I'm going to go ahead and give a few props to clean eating because I like to think that had a hand in how great my run was.  My body felt like a machine.  It was wonderful and now I am well on my way to my goal of 365 miles this year.  Although, just a tip, if you don't press the "stop run" button at the end of your run the time will continue and it will say your pace was an hour and a half per mile.  I'm slow...not that slow. 

Anywho, here are some things to keep help you motivated and making healthy, happy choices through the weekend!!


I just need to suffer through long enough for this to become a damn habit!

Shit does, in fact, happen...


And here are some things that made me laugh out loud today...

Girls Will Always Be Girls

What a nut bag!!
Master has given dobby a sock...
Master has given Dobby a sock!
Fuck is Almond milk? Almonds ain't even got titties.