Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snotcicles and food reviews

Yes we are going to talk about both of them on the same blog post!  Appetizing!

The last two days I have been a lazy blob. I admit it. On my quest to running 365 miles this year, I just couldn't bring myself to the gym the second week in January with the ny resolutionists. I hate the treadmill anyway and it was FAR too cold for me to even BE outside, much less RUN outside. So, today I figured I would go for a decently long run after work. The plan was 4 miles to catch up after my two lazy days. I started my run and about two seconds in I realized, although it wasn't 20 degrees like the last two days, 43 degrees is NOT cool and Snotcicles WILL form.  I got about two miles before saying "you know what" that (starts with an F).  But hey I did something so I'm totally ok with it.  Also, I took a few pics on my run...

Some people still have their Christmas lights up and on. Nice to look at with my numb eyes and snotty nose. 

Kind of blurry, but I really love when I turn the corner onto my street and see the pretty sunset sky. 

Also, song of my run. It's a great song even if you aren't running.  Download it. Spotify it. Whatever just listen to it. 

Now, on to some food reviews. I know when I'm eating clean and healthy I can get burnt out on the same foods over and over so I wanted to give some reviews on some of the things I have recently tried. 

Larabars...holy crap I love these things!!!  The cherry pie is my favorite. Also love the lemon and apple pie. Stay away from blueberry muffin. It was pretty disgusting. 

They are so tasty and as you can see the ingredients for the apple pie one are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, wallets, raisins, cinnamon. Simple and clean. Perfect for a snack or even breakfast on the go. I actually look forward to having these. 

I got really hungry when I was shopping the other day. I was actually feeling a little light headed. I was in Marshall's ( bargain shopper what up). They had these at the register. The only ingredient was organic mango. It wasn't the BEST thing I have ever eaten, but it did the job. 

I bought one of these to try the other day. I got it at walmart. It was by the apple sauces. The jury is still out on this. It was tasty, but I'm just unsure. The texture was somewhere between yogurt and water. I think that is what got me. But, once again, it did the trick as a morning snack and got me to lunch no problem. 

Ingredients are organic banana, mango, oranges, and lemon juice. 
I think it would be better on oatmeal or yogurt...

Just a side note:  I typed this on the iPad which is difficult so excuse any poorly spelled words. Also, I know a lot of these foods are labeled organic. Just so you know, I don't necessarily seek those out. Sometimes it just happens. 

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