Monday, January 20, 2014

28...feelin great

So today is my birthday!!  28 years young.  Did you know the google machine KNOWS it's your birthday.  Oh internets... 

As a birthday present to myself I have decided that January 20, 2014-January 20, 2015 is going to be the healthiest year I have ever had.  And hopefully the skinniest too! 

Personal information disclaimer:  I wasn't sure if I wanted to share any personal info on here, because quite honestly it is a weight loss blog and I don't want to bore you with non-weight loss related information.  However, what I am about to divulge ties in.  Trust me.  We come full cirlce here at Kait Weight. 

Last week was a tough week.  A few weeks back I decided that I wanted to go back to school to get my MBA.  I was super stoked about it.  I was ready to commit myself fully to something that I knew was going to be tough to do on top of working full time.  But I was ready.  I got my undergrad transcripts.  Started studying for the GMAT.  Scheduled an informational meeting with LSU.  I was getting my ducks in a row and feeling pretty swell about it.  Well, last week I found out, due to some unforseen circumstances, that this was no longer going to be something I could do.  I wanted it bad and when I found out I couldn't have it, it hurt.  It sucked and I cried and I was a total girl about it.  Sometimes you don't realize how bad you want something until you can't have it anymore. 

That being said (full circle part), I decided after a few days of moping and moaning about it that I would put my big girl panties on (hopefully soon enough they will be skinny, sexy girl panties) and start working on something else.  I was ready to fully commit myself to something.  I was ready to work hard and put in the hours it was going to take even on days I didn't feel like it.  So why not fully commit myself to this?!?  DUH!  To being the healthiest, hottest person I can be.  That may be my goal right now, but I know that if I apply myself I can do anything I want (barring those pesky unforseen circumstances).  I always joked that it would be fun to teach a class at a gym.  This was never a goal that I thought was obtainable because hey, no one (myself included) wants to take a class given by a chubster (I say that lovingly).  But hey, if I could get my MBA, why the hell can't I eventually teach a class at a gym???  I can so do this! 

So my goal for the year:  Get fit enough to feel comfortable going to get certified to teach spin, or zumba, or who the hell knows what else?!  I'll figure that out when I get there.  All I know, is that I am ready to apply myself and commit to something.  Looks like this is it!

Reaching my goal started this morning at 4:45am :)

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