Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Morning Workout

So, as you can all see I changed up some things on the blog.  The background was kind of...busy...before and I wanted to tame it a bit.  I also added some links at the top because I finally figured out how to do that.  Don't go clicking around though, because I have not actually added anything to most of these yet.  I did, however, set up a Contact Me/Links page that you may find helpful.  I also, set up a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the blog and also to share things, that although awesome, may not be "blog worthy."  Feel free to like that page :)

Today I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about my weekend.  I ate like crap on Saturday.  Like real bad yall.  I haven't really had processed sugar for quite some time.  I never understood when people would say, "How can you eat that?  I feel so bad.  I never want to have fast food again...blah blah blah."  But now I think I may have a little insight on it.  I felt  like complete garbage.  Does that mean I will never partake in a cupcake again?  Certainly not, but I did feel bad enough that I made a vow not to revert back into old habits.  I will post a little more about my struggle (hopefully not just mine) to consistently eat healthy AND go HAM (now that we all know what that means) at the gym. 

I have mastered one at a time, but I'm not so good at doing them both at the same time consistently.

Anywho, what I really wanted to tell you guys about was my workout with my "friend" Sunday morning.  The reason there are quotations around friend is because after that workout, I don't know how we can ever be friends again because she legit tried to kill me.  True story.  You know who you are.  She texted me last week and said, "You want to do stadiums with my Sunday?"  I looked at my calendar and I didn't have anything, so I figured why not.  That could be fun.  I knew what "stadiums" were when I agreed, but I somehow didn't really put together what they were and that I would be doing them.  My mistake.  So her next text says something like, "8am?  I like to get an early start."  Geez!  Alright, I'm in, but geez. 

***Side note:  She also asked me if I wanted to go to her 8am spin class Saturday morning.  Definition of HAM, if we still aren't sure what it means***

So I get there and she tells me that we are going to run up and down each set of steps on the bleachers.  You run up one side of the railing and down the other, then run to the next set of steps and repeat.  I counted...there was 11 sets of steps.  After that, I was told to run down to the track and jog a lap (I think it's a quarter of a mile).  I though, easy peasy.  I've got this no problem.  So, we start and I get to about the 4th set of steps before I start to think, "Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?"  The stadium then appeared to be approximately this large:

But, I'm not quitter so I kept going. 

  (Unfortunately I did NOT look like this at the end)

I was so so so happy when I got down to the track.  I never thought I would be so happy to run.  It's all perspective.  Like maybe you would be happy to eat something you hate (like olives for me) if you were comparing it to eating an actual dog turd right?  This was kind of like that. 

She finished a good bit before me, but I kept going and finally found my way back to where we started.  I thought, "Oh my Lord, I made it!!  I'm a beast!  Hell yea!"  Then she said, "Now this time..."  What??  This time?  Like we are about to do this shit again?  I'm pretty sure I said no, but apparently no does not mean no to my "friend."  So we took off again, this time going up two steps at a time.  I'm also pretty sure that about halfway through this set I started having thoughts about how if I fell down the bleachers and broke my ankle or something I wouldn't have to go anymore.  After finishing this set we then did three sets of run up, run across, run down, 15 somethings.  We did sit ups, jumping jacks, and, jump squats.  Thanks "friend."  I can barely sit down today.  It is probably a good thing diet-wise, however, because the kitchen at work is upstairs and walking up stairs right now is absoultely awful. 

But, on a serious note, it really was a great workout and I had a good with my friend!  Oh, and as crazy as it sounds I will probably do it again.  Sometimes it takes someone else to push you into a good workout.

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