Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I HATE running

OMG you get posts two days in a row!  That can only mean one thing...I'm on track and feeling motivated. 

First, of all shout out to my mom and hubs for being my first followers.  Yes, they are my mom and hubs so they have to, but I appreciate it anyway.

Second, shout out to my friend Andrea for signing up for Bootcamp Explosion with me!  If you want to come get your ass kicked with us buy the living social deal and message me!

If you know me, you likely know my history with running, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.  When I first started losing weight there seemed to be this huge boom of people talking about running.  It was the trendy cool thing to do (I think it somewhat still is).  There were runs coming out everywhere like the color run and warrior dash.  All these "races" seemed to be stressing the fact that you didn't have to be a "runner" to do them.  There seemed to be an anyone can run mentality. 

I am an elliptical lady myself.  I have extremely wide hips and very short legs.  Thanks family for blessing me with these two wonderful traits (eye roll).  I guess when I have babies I'll be thanking Jesus for these big birthing hips.  Anyway, at a very hefty weight and with these big ole hips I always thought there is NO WAY I am running.  No one is chasing me, the ice cream truck didn't pass me up, Ryan Gosling isn't running away from me so I am not doing it.  After ellipticalling (prob not a word) and doing weight watchers for awhile I was seeing definite results in my weight loss, but my body just wasn't looking like what I wanted it to look like. So go figure I decided to try and run.  I can remember this all very well.  I was living at an apartment in prairieville that I, for the life of me, cannot remember the name.  I was right out of college and working in Reserve so I had a 40 minute or so commute there and back.  It was the summer when I started.  I decided to try out couch to 5k.  I had no intentions of actually ever running a 5k at this point, but I had read about running and thought I would give it a try. The first week is something that I thought was ridiculous when I looked at it...Walk 5 minutes, jog 60 seconds, walk 2 minutes etc.  OMG this is going to be cake.  I think the total time that you are even jogging/walking is like 20 minutes.  Seriously C25K?  I played softball for 15 years.  I love being outside.  20 minutes??  So I get home from work, lace up my new pair of tennis shoes, and I'm off to run around the apartment complex.  I almost died.  Legit almost died in a puddle of sweat and embarassment that I was so bad at this.  I had shin splints, I was dripping with sweat, and all that was in my lungs was hot, humid, Louisiana air.  But you know what...I went out the next day and I freakin did it again.  And you know what got easier.  I completed the program sometime in fall.  I remember this because I remember at the end when you have to run 3 miles the air was perfect and it felt amazing outside.  Someone was burning leaves and I was all happy about it being football season.  I have since run, I would say, over 15 5ks.  A lot of those being mud runs with obstacles because those are always pretty fun.  I even completed a half marathon last December ( I didn't say ran...this is a story for another day). 

With all this being said, I HATE RUNNING.  I keep waiting and waiting for this runner's high you all speak of.  Not there.  Which gets me to the point now.  I have decided to start running again.  I haven't done much of it since the hell that was called a 1/2 marathon (how do people run this in a whole marathon...without their limbs actually falling off?).  Yesterday I ran 1.5 miles.  I thought cake once again, I mean I finished 13.1 miles.  It's hot guys and I have not been running.  It sucked.  But guess what?  My body freakin loves it.  When I start getting in the habit of running my whole body changes.  They are subtle changes, but they are there.  My arms tone up, my ass gets a little better, my legs are amazing and holy crap my hips even narrow a little bit.  Sometimes to get the results you want you have to suck it up and do what works!

This is me before my run yesterday.  I'm hoping I can wear the same thing in a month or so and see some body changes.  The plan is 12 miles a week to start.  That's 1.5 miles 4 times a week and then 3 miles twice a week.  Totally doable.  I'll keep yall updated.

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  1. Love the shout out and LOVE your blog! I also hate running and this post almost makes me want to go for a run... ALMOST