Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I have been frustrated the last few days that my weight has not gone down any more.  As I mentioned before I am having some lady troubles and am certain this has something to do with it.  So today I decided to look back at some pictures of me at my biggest weight.  I lost a lot of my weight about three years ago, so now I start counting down from a lower weight.  I may say I lost 7.2lbs, but the truth is, it's A LOT more than that.  So from now on, after my weekly weigh ins, I will be telling you how much I have lost TOTAL.  I have never really put any before and after pictures together, but decided it may be time!

So that was me.  Yea...I didnt realize how large I was.  Even thinking back I never thought I looked that big. 

That's me now!  I may not be where I want to be, but the point is that I have come a long way.  Weigh in tomorrow, but as of today I have lost 33.8lbs.  At one point it was 46.  Hopefully I will get back to that.  I have a feeling that when I started losing weight I was not at my largest though.  Anyway, I just thought a little perspective was in order :)

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