Friday, June 14, 2013

Longer Lasting Motivation

I have a feeling this is going to be a long one, so sit back and relax...

I've been talking to quite a few people since starting with the Advocare program and starting this blog.  We all seem to have the exact same thing in common;  we are unhappy with our bodies.  Now, all of these ladies do not look like me.  I think we tend to think that the people who are unhappy with their bodies are only the ladies that weigh the exact same as us or more.  FALSE.  I have spoken to girls in their 110's, their 120's, their 150's, their 170's and yes into the 200's.  My genuine guess on the subject is that if we got a Victoria's Secret model on the phone right now, she would have something to complain about as well.

I wanted to post about this because I think it should be better for our kids.  We need to be happier about our bodies people.  Yes, all shapes and sizes.  This task is WAY easier said than done, but I really think I am getting a lot closer to figuring it out.  Progress is what makes us feel good.  We are constantly telling ourselves, when I weigh___, I'll be happier.  If I could just lose 10 pounds...20 pounds...5 pounds...I would be happier.  The truth is you won't.  There will be some part of your body you hate.  I mean yay for losing weight, now let's talk about how our boobs are way smaller than they used to be.  (not to talk all about girls.  I know guys have the same issues).  My point is, I am finding that what makes me happy with my body is progress.  It's not that I've lost X amount of pounds.  It's the fact that I have the energy to go out and play two hours of tennis with my husband 5 or 6 times a week.  It's the fact that when I go to a restaurant I make a better choice.  It's the fact that when I make a sandwich for lunch now I use Ezekiel bread, mustard instead of mayo, and leave it open faced.  These choices will make you happier.  I promise you.  Weight loss will be an added bonus when you start making better choices.

The reason I named this post what I did is because, like everyone else, I can get REALLY  motivated from losing a few pounds, or playing a really good game of softball, or even seeing a picture of a strong girl in a gym looking foxy, but how long does that motivation last?  A day?  Maybe 2?  Right up until someone puts some cheese fries in your face and they smell good?  It seems like it's not only me having this problem....GET MOTIVATED PEOPLE!  There is ALWAYS going to be an excuse.  There are going to be holidays.  There are going to be birthday parties.  There is ALWAYS a reason to put it off until next week.  I mean it's Friday, right?!  And diets only start on Mondays, right?!  This isn't a diet.  This is your health!  It's your life.  I'm ready to stay motivated.  And I'm ready to do it with all of you!

I am extremely happy I did/am doing the Advocare 24 day challenge (day 19 yall!).  It has taught me so much.  This is coming from a girl who knows how to lose weight already, and has done it.  This is different guys.  I don't feel like I'm "dieting" anymore.  I really do feel free finally.  I am not only seeing changes in my body, but in my mind too.  I am staying motivated.  Yes, I have my days like we all do, but when it's all said and done I CANNOT wait to see what my body is going to do next.  I can't wait to see what challenges I am going to face and conquer.  I can't wait to see what temptations are going to come my way that I am going to be ready for!  The positivity I am feeling has been worth every penny I have spent.

PLEASE, PLEASE at least go and read about it.  It's an investment in your body.  And serisouly yall, what better way to stay motivated than to spend a little money on yourself and your health!!

Also, I'm loving all the love and messages I am getting from everyone.  It is so motivating to know we are all going through the same thing.  Keep them coming!!!  And remembe to motivate yourself EVERY DAY!

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