Saturday, June 1, 2013

Winner winner chicken dinner

So it's the morning of day 6 and I'm down 5.4lbs. This is the first morning I've gotten up and looked in the mirror and saw a difference. Yesterday I ate out TWICE!  This is a big deal. I'm on a cleanse and still able to eat out?!  For lunch I went to whole foods and ate off their bars. I got grilled turkey (tasted like thanksgiving!), edamame. Squash, tomatoes, and grapes. It was so tasty. For dinner, Jon and I had las palmas. I got the lite bite tacos and dumped the grilled chicken off the tacos and ate them  like that with veggies. So delicious!

I know it has seemed that the last 6 days have been easy, but this today was the first tough day I had. Just so everyone knows. It's definitely possible to do the challenge, however today it proved to be pretty difficult. 

Just because this little one and the boy sitting next to me on the couch make me so damn happy :)

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