Tuesday, April 25, 2017


You guys are going to think I'm a hippie.  I've started meditating.  I downloaded an app called Headspace.  Yes, there is an app for everything.  This app is like a personal trainer, but for your mind.  This is what meditation supposedly does for you:

I really have been enjoying this lately.  Whether you think it's bull or not, who couldn't use 10-15 quiet  minutes to themselves a day?  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Also, a quick list of my goals for the week:
Get 60k steps
Get 4 workouts in (I have 4 tennis matches this weekend so this one is kind of a cheat)
Get 4 meditation sessions in
Get 4 stretching sessions in
Treat myself to a face mask before a shower one time this week

I'm not crazy enough to think that the lofty weekly goals I had before I had Willa are obtainable.  I used to have goals like run 3 times, lift three times, tennis three times, 10k steps, and read a book.  In a week.  Yea right.  Those aren't the kind of goals you can meet when you have an infant at home.  (Is she still an infant?  What's next?  Is she a toddler next?  Is she an infant until she is a toddler?  These are the questions I ask myself.)  What kind of weekly goals do yall set for yourselves?

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