Monday, December 28, 2015

What's new?!

I figured I would give a quick update before the New Year for anyone who is motivated to start the year off right!  (Helpful hint:  You don't actually  have to wait until next week.  You can hit the gym now, while it's virtually empty.)

1.  Jon and I joined Gold's gym a few months back.  They just opened about two weeks ago and I must say I really do love it there.  The classes I have been to so far have kicked my butt and been a blast!  There are so many machines that you never have to wait for anything.  It's new so it's super clean.  They have a huge room just for classes and even a separate spin room.  I asked yesterday and they do a 7 day pass if you would like to try it out.  Classes are included in the 7 day pass and all you have to do is show up and fill out a paper with your contact information on it.  Here is the class schedule:

2.  I am doing a Dietbet.  If you haven't heard of these they are pretty cool.  You pay whatever the fee is.  For this one it is $35.  The bet starts on the 5th and goes for around a month and the goal is to lose 4% of your body weight.  The winners split the pot and the losers get nothing.  Best case, you win money.  Worst case, you lose 35 bucks.  It's a good way to stay motivated and have a little fun with losing weight.  Click HERE to see the diet bet that I am a part of!  

3.  I'm turning 30 in 23 days.  I'm not really freaking out, but I am feeling a little different about this birthday.  30 is a little different than I imagined it being.  I assumed there would be 2 little kids running around by my 30th birthday, but God has a plan and that wasn't it for me.  However, there are other aspects of my life that I didn't imagine being this good by the time I turned 30.  I never imagined having a husband as wonderful as I do or loving my house or job as much as I do.  Remember as 2016 approaches, that for every thing you can complain about, there are two that you should be grateful for.  Have fun celebrating this week, but make sure to do it responsibly!!  I'll be talking to you guys soon!

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