Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Another Rocksbox and Purchases

I got another Rocksbox in and I LOVE everything.  Go figure...

These earrings are adorable

Who doesn't love a Kendra necklace?

And I'm starting to really love Loren Hope jewelry.  Which is unfortunate, because it's pricey.

I'm definitely digging the Rocksbox things and I intend to keep doing this one.  I was accumulating too much jewelry that I wasn't wearing regularly and that can get expensive.  I think this is a better alternative.  Go to HERE to sign up and use code KAITLYNBFF112 for a free month!  You can cancel at anytime so there really is no harm in trying it out.  It would be great to get your first box for Christmas and New years!

I have also been doing some purchasing of a few things that I am currently in love with!  These Sam Edelman booties are going to be worn pretty much everywhere and with everything.

I've been really wanting a poncho.  If you haven't been to Simply Chic boutique in Baton Rouge, you need to try it out.  It's on Highland by Alexander's Market.  All of their stuff is adorable.

And lastly, a little bragging to be done.  I told Jon that I wanted this watch, but I found some cheap knock offs that were kind of similar.  He said he would order the knock-off as a Christmas gift.  Low and behold this shows up at work today.  What a great husband!!

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