Monday, April 13, 2015

Dutchtown track workout

I'm I'm typing this on my phone so don't grammar nazi me. I used to do this workout every other week or so last summer and now I'm back at it. Hoping to do it at least once a week and you are welcome to join me if you'd like!  This is what the dutchtown track kind of looks like to give you and idea:

I'm standing at one end. The track is 1/4 of a mile. Looking at the picture the bleachers on the left are the "home" bleachers and the bleachers on the right are the "visitor" bleachers. The home side has 12 sets of stairs. Each set is 30 steps. The visitor side has 8 sets of stairs. Each set is 18 steps. 

I start my workout with one jog around the track. I then enter the visitor stands and go up the first set of steps, run across, and go down the second set of steps. I run across the bottom to the third set, run up, run across the top, run down. So basically I'm going up every other set of steps. When I'm done with that I walk the curves of the track and sprint the straights for one lap. I enter the visitor side again and this time run up every set of stairs. I again walk the curves and sprint the straights for a lap. I then enter the home side bleachers. I run up every set of steps but for every other set I take two steps at a time (kind of like a lunge). Again another lap on the track. Every set on the visitor side. Another lap on the track. Every other set on the visitor side. Last lap on the track. There you have it. It's a tough workout and you definitely feel the burn!

I like to think that if you're happy and positive and you feel good, good things will happen to you!  If you want to send a few prayers, some good juju, fairy dust, positive vibes, or whatever you're into, they would be mucho appreciated!

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