Friday, March 28, 2014

Just weighing in...

Friday is weigh in day.  I wanted to keep this up through the challenge for some normalcy.  I was excited to get on the scale today because I have been ON POINT.  I started the challenge Monday morning and as of this morning I am down 5.6 pounds.  This shit works yall.  I am on my fourth challenge and I KNOW this will be the best.  I am making sure I am eating ENOUGH food this time and it is making all the difference.  I feel fabulous!!

Also, on a side note, I had to go to the doctor Wednesday morning and they did the height thing.  They never do that anymore.  I have always said I was 5'4".  I made her measure me twice.  5'5"!!!  Doesn't that mean I can weigh more?? :)

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