Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My first spin class

I hope you all enjoyed the guest blogger yesterday.  I sure did!  Hopefully she will do another one at the end of her 24 day challenge with results.

So....I taught my first spin class Monday afternoon.  There was only one person there...and it was me...but that is neither here nor there.  I went to the gym Monday after work with the intention of running.  I wasn't feeling well last week and have been very tired, so I decided to forgo my 5:15am spin class.  I got to the gym as the 4:30pm spin class was letting out and I started to think.  I had pinned a spin bike workout on pinterest that had been re-pinned over 500 times.  I was planning on using it for running, but I figured I would go ahead and try it.  This is the pin:

Spin bike workout!-Could probably turn this into a running the neighborhood workout too  Weight loss/fitness blog
I asked the manager at the gym (Fusion) if I could go and use a spin bike by myself.  She said sure and even told me how to use the sound system plug for my phone so I could play music over the stereo.  I was super excited.  The spin room at our gym is upstairs and away from everyone.  I had the whole room to myself.  There are even fans and light dimmers so I could dim the light.  It was so badass guys.  So I started warming up to a little Katy Perry.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't be motivated to workout for very long without an instructor, but I must say, I kicked my ass!!!  I just pretended like I was teaching a class.  I even varied up some of the instructions above to make it a little more difficult.  I think I may really go ahead and get certified because I had a blast.  The only thing stopping me is that it is about 300 bucks to get certified and I'm not sure if I am quite ready yet.  I am thinking maybe by this summer?!?  Hopefully in no time I will be teaching classes like this:


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