Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let's Skip Christmas

Ok I ate enough at Thanksgiving.  Let's skip Christmas.  Just kidding!  About the second part...not the first part.  One of the bad things about being married is you get TWO Thanksgiving dinners.  And in our case, more like five.  Oh yes, and let us not forget Friendsgiving.  For Thanksgiving Jon's family usually goes to a state park Wednesday-Sunday and you pretty much eat like it's Turkey day every day while you are there.  Let's just say I'm drowning myself in water to try and get my wedding ring to fit correctly again.  SODIUM!!  But, I digress.  It will work itself out. 

For me the toughest few weeks are those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We literally have a Christmas party of some sort every weekend until then.  We have Jon's work party this weekend and a friend party the following weekend.  We always host a Christmas Eve Eve party.  And when we host a party I DRINK.  I don't drink often, but there is just something special about getting to fall asleep right where you get drunk. Then Christmas eve...we eat.  Then Christmas day...we  eat.  Then, I mean there is only 6 more days left in the year so why not EAT!  Don't get me wrong, I love having some days off work, but I do so much better with my eating and gyming when I am in a routine.  Anyone else do this during the holidays?

So, I saw a friend who does advocare on facebook talking about starting a group challenge on the 1st.  Why didn't I think of that?!  Yes, I am still selling AND taking advocare.  I still love a spark when I need one and still love taking my Rehydrate when I am doing something active.  I still take my Omegaplex.  It's good for you and keeps your skin and hair luxurious.  I mean, just look at mine! :)  You guys don't hear me talking about it that much anymore because I take it and get my discount and that makes me happy.  I didn't get too much into the business side of things, but I do very much still believe in Advocare as a company and think their products are totes legit.  With all that being said, I can STILL sell the products and if you want/need anything just let me know.

So here is the plan for me guys...I am going to do a group challenge (or maybe just a me along challenge, depending on if anyone wants to join).  I am starting my challenge on December 26.  I really don't need to continue to eat those 6 days after Christmas and my birthday is January 20 so I would like to be done before then.  HOWEVER, I will do another wave for anyone wanting to start January 1.  I go back to work on the 26th, but I do get that some people have the week off and it's tough to start something like that when you are vacationing and spending time with the fam.  Also, I am not a big drinker, so not drinking for new years really isn't anything for me as I probably would not have anyway. 

I know it's pricy,  but you're buying gifts for everyone else.  Why not treat yourself?  Also, you DO NOT have to purchase the whole challenge bundle at first.  I can break it down for you.  You can buy the first 10 days now and get the second half seperately.  This also helps if you have spark and don't need that part of the challenge or if you simply don't want the spark flavors that come in the challenge.  The only down side to this is you are paying for shipping (about 7 bucks) twice, but it may be worth it for you.  You can also purchase and JUST participate in the first 10 days.  Alright guys, who's in?!  You can email me ( or facebook message me if you have questions about the challenge or want to participate.  If you want to talk I will give you my phone number.  I also plan on making a meal plan for myself for those 24 days and would be willing to share it with you.  I find that the key to success with the challenge is planning ahead.  It's not very hard if you have everything packed and ready to go!

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