Monday, December 9, 2013

Heavy Lifting

I have been (for a while now) wanting to start lifting at the gym.  My problem with this is not the usual girl problem of, "I don't want to bulk up."  I'm a woman and you can ask my husband about my mood swings and crying fits.  I have enough estrogen pumping in me that "bulking up" is not in the cards.  My problem is that I am totally intimidated. 

I don't feel like I am one to be super shy or easily intimidated.  I'm not modest in the least, but for some reason when I am at the gym I am TOTALLY scared of the weights section.  What are the meat heads going to think of me?  What weight do I start with?  Am I on this machine wrong?!?!  Does anyone else have gym anxiety like me? 

And now some gym humor for you....

What if this happens to me?!

Gym humor Jamie Henry lmao

We all know this guy..


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