Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Containing Excitement

I am soo soo soo excited.  Not about Christmas either.  I am excited about starting my challenge one week from tomorrow.  I am feeling bloated and my body HATES me right now.  Seriously.  I'm tired and cranky and puffy.  And no one wants to be tired and cranky and puffy.  I know it's only going to get worse as Christmas comes.  I mean, I started Instagramming (is that a word?) today and the only picture I have posted so far is a big donut christmas king cake type thing that one of the bank ladies dropped off this morning.  Go check it out (ktmitchell11).  It looks so damn amazing.  But, as amazing as it looks it is going to make me feel quite the opposite.  I know this.  Does it mean I won't have any?  Hell to the no.  But, come next Wednesday that is exactly what it means. 

This challenge means more to me than just "doing a challenge."  From next Wednesday out the plan is to only put things in my body that make my body feel good and work more efficiently.  I'm starting on the 26th as a little "eff the man".  This isn't a "new years resolution."  It's just how I want things to be.  Trust me when I say, you DO NOT know how shitty you feel until you don't feel shitty any more.  And now that I have done a challenge and know what my body can feel like, I know exactly how shitty I feel right now.  And it makes me sad.  I already have a grocery list going...

brussel sprouts
sweet potatoes
black beans
green beans
olive oil

These foods make your body feel SOO good.  Cutting out refined sugar makes you happy.  You think sugar makes you happy, but sugar is a tricky bitch.  It's kind of like taking shot number 5, when you know your limit is 4.  At the time you feel like a rockstar.  Give it 30 minutes.  I'll wait...

Yep, throwing up in the toilet like you're 19 again.  Shame. 

All that being said, I am ready to ROCK this challenge.  Like do better than anyone has ever done.  It's ridiculous the amount of dedication I am feeling at this point.  I was even tempted to start tomorrow, but you know...Jesus' birthday.  Gotta eat cake! 

Everyone have a safe and merry Christmas, if you don't hear from me until after!!  Thanks for reading!

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