Monday, December 30, 2013


So, this will probably be my last post for 2013 and I thought I would show everyone what I have been eating since I started my clean eating on December 26.  A lot of people have been messaging me about what to eat while on the challenge.  People think that the "cleanse" phase means they will be on a liquid diet or eating only cabbage for 10 days.  I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the challenge is about a lifestyle change.  It's about learning clean eating and how good it can really make you feel.  Here are some examples of what I have been having. 

For lunch Saturday, I had this and could not even finish it.  I hate a salad with mushrooms, tomatoes(veggies), avacado (fat), and boiled eggs (protein).  For the dressing I mixed oil and vinegar and added some minced garlic and lemon juice to it.  I also had a baked sweet potato for a complex carb.  You can eat a complex carb with dinner as well, but for the first ten days of the challenge I choose not to eat carbs after 3pm. 

For dinner last Friday night I had 3 ounces of grilled chicken along with asparagus (done in the overn with a little olive oil, pepper, and garlic powder), mushrooms, and tomatoes!

Another night for dinner I had scrambled eggs.  So so good.  I could eat eggs and avacado only forever and be happy.

For a snack at work today I had cucumbers and spicy hummus.

I even went out to eat Saturday night!  Jon and I went to Lava Cantina.  I had chicken Fajitas and just didn't have the cheese or sour cream.  It was delicious with salsa and guac all over it.  Also, at lava cantina you can get corn tortillas instead of flour, although I did limit that as well. 

So, as you can see I am definitely still eating PLENTY of food.  Just making sure it is the right kind of food. 

I hope everyone has a safe and awesome new year!!  Here's to 2014 being kickass!

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