Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I hope that you ended 2013 with a bang and that you are ready to tackle 2014!  I got engaged and bought a house in 2012.  I got married in 2013.  I wonder what wonders 2014 will bring?! 

We had an amazing night Tuesday.  Probably one of the best NYE's that I have had.  We went to Blend downtown and got to go on the roof and watch the fireworks.  It was amazing!  The company was good, the fireworks were beautiful, and the champagne was flowing (for everyone else...the water was flowing for me :)) 

I have been 100% with the challenge until Tuesday.  I was about 85% on Tuesday but back to 100 yesterday.  I knew NYE would be challenging.  We were running around like crazy, but I'm proud of what I have done so far and totally ok with how Tuesday went.  I am also proud to have jumped right back on the challenge train yesterday.  I am still hovering about 5 pounds down right now.  I am totally fine with 5lbs.  It has been one week.  Those are awesome results!  The scale has not gone up once since I have started, so that is a victory within itself. 

So....let's talk about resolutions.  Anyone have any good ones?  I have decided that this year I will run 365 miles.  One mile a day.  It may seem like that is an unobtainable goal, but think about it.  I won't be running everyday.  But I rarely go out and run just one mile when I do run.  I think it is a goal I can meet.  I am hoping to be around 30 at the end of each month to keep me on track, as I don't want to be like Phil on modern family, trying to get to Canada on December 31 this year.  Also, I cannot make it to Canada in 365 miles, but it does look like i can get a little past Fort Worth, Tx.  I'll take it.

I had to delete and reinstall my Nike running app, as I had a couple hundred miles clocked on there from the last few years.  So here goes nothing.  Hoping everyone has a happy and healthy 2014!

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