Monday, November 4, 2013

Serious Business

I was not joking when I wrote that post last week.  Today it is on!! 

So, as you guys know my scale pooped out about 6-8 weeks ago.  Turns out it was just the battery.  So I got a new battery for it about a week and a half ago.  I have been TERRIFIED to get on the scale.  I have been really active, but not watching what I have been eating as closely as I normally do so I was really worried.  I kept putting off weighing myself, but since shit was getting real today I had to step on and face the music.

5.4 pounds

But...wait for was a LOSS of 5.4 pounds.  Holy smokes.  This kind of boosts my confidence in the fact that I was NOT eating enough calories.  My fitness pal may be telling you 1200 calories, but that simply is not enough.  If you are eating the right kinds of foods and are super active, you need more than that.  I know that MYP is supposed to be accounting for your activity, but I was always thinking things like, "there is no way I burned 600 calories playing doubles tennis for an hour and a half" and I thought I would sabatoge my weight loss if I ate 1800 calories in one day.  That seems like so much to me!  There is, however a method to the madness.  Make sure you are eating enough guys.

That being said take a look at what I am eating for lunch.  I found this recipe on pinterest and it is so so easy and seems like it will be tasty!

It's a black bean quinoa salad.  You can cook quinoa in the rice cooker btw.  I did 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups of water and it didn't take long.  That much could make me 3-4 lunches for the week!

2/3 cup quinoa
1/2 cup black beans (I used canned (gasp!) but I rinsed them really well)
1/2 an avacado (the recipe called for 1 avacado...that seemed a bit much)
a few cherry tomatos
a squeeze of lime juice

Talk about a protein packed lunch!  It probably has a bit more calories than I would usually eat for lunch, but for the first few weeks of eating clean I don't intend to count calories.  Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.  I'm keeping it simple and seeing how that goes for me.  Weigh ins will now be on Monday mornings.  I think that will help me stay on track during the weekends. 

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