Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clean Eating

UGH I hate it.  I hate it so much.  I HEART carbs with all of my being.  I LOVE sugar like it's my child.  Oh skittles, oh 3 musketeers, oh sweet sweet baby kit kats.  I will miss you white potatoes.  Don't be so sad.  Bye bye pasta.  I will miss you most of all my warm french bread.

So, come Monday it's back to clean eating.  This is not because I like to do it at all.  But, it is the only thing that seems to get my body to do anything these days.  Must be that getting older shit.  For the birds I tell ya.  I won't be eating like I was doing on the challenge.  That is not maintainable for me.  On the challenge I was cutting most carbs.  Some days I didn't have any.  I do still plan to have whole grain wraps for lunch sometimes.  Low sodium deli meat will be ok for me too.  I alreday don't eat a TON of dairy.  I don't drink milk, but shit I love me some cheese.  I already keep it to a minimum and go with 2% or fat free when I do have it.  I will be trying to cut it back even a little bit more.  This isn't a "I'm feeling super motivated right now" decision.  I actually made a grocery list and a whole week long eating plan.  Literally listed out Monday...I eat this for breakfast, this for snack, this for get it.  I have to do that right now because it isn't a habit yet.  I'm hoping that it eventually becomes a lifestyle and I don't have to do that.  Now, don't get me wrong we are having a party for the Bama game and I plan to drink my worries away, but I will be limiting my alcohol intake other than that.  Shouldn't be hard as I rarely if ever drink now.  Something I am having toruble with...and please comment if you guys have any idea on this, I am so used to counting calories, but I have read and been told that when you are eating clean you should eat 6 small meals a day and watch your portions, but there is no need to count calories.  Anyone eat clean out there?  Do you count calories too?  Does it all just seem to work it's way out in the end? 

So, that is the plan for now!  Why not today?  Well, it's Halloween you fools!!  Halloween means candy!  And since it's supposed to rain today I'm thinking we might have some leftovers from the trick or treaters! 

Have a safe and fun Halloween and eat as much candy as you would like.  I give my full permission.  Just get your ass back in gear come Monday morning :)

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