Monday, October 21, 2013

I wore heels to work today

So I've been MIA.  It's been a crazy month!  October has been fun, and full, and exhausting!  That is why eating healthy has to be a lifestyle change people.  Because if it isn't and things start to get fun, and full, and exhausting it gets tough to keep up a "diet".  Lucky for me, part of being so busy has been picking up a doubles tennis league on Monday and a singles tennis league on Wednesday.  Jon is playing on Thursdays, so we have been jam packed!  Not to mention football season and us each being in a wedding.  A super fun bachelorette party weekend in Biloxi!  Oh yea and a concert at the house of blues.  Did I mention Im trying to keep up my running schedule too?!  Jon bought a car and we are trying to adopt a doggy.  Oh and we ran a 5k together and we both work full time.  WOOOO it's been crazy.  Thank goodness for being so active, because cooking healthy dinners this month has taken a backseat.  I'm pretty sure I have not gained or lost anything this month.  I wouldn't really know though because the crazy, wonky dog we own broke the scale a few weeks ago.  She spazzed out while I was taking a bath and tripped over it or something and now it won't work.

But today...I wore heels to work.  I'm sure you are wondering why this is relevant.  I never wear heels to work.  I don't really see many people.  I work by myself most of the time and it gets tough to look my best at work when no one really sees me.  But I wore heels today and heels make me feel sassy.  And when I feel sassy I start to feel passionate about my goals.  So I'm going to buy another scale today, keep my sassy pants on, and start trying to work a little harder!  I usually call no gain/no loss a win, but I want more for myself.  We are going to the Dominican Republic in March 2014 and I am DETERMINED to look my hottest in my swimsuit.  So back to blogging and weekly weigh ins because they keep me motivated.  If I can stay as active as I have been AND eat as healthy as I know how, I'll be a hottie in no time.  Maybe I will start to wear heels more often to work :)

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