Friday, November 22, 2013

Hot Yoga and a Life Update

It's that time of year!  Turkey and pie time!!  The holidays are tough when you are trying to maintain or lose weight.  A lot of people will say just limit yourself etc, but I say just work your ASS off at the gym so you can have extra pie.  So, that's what I have been trying to do.

This past weekend we went camping.  No, no not like camping in a cabin while we sip wine by the fire.  We went tent camping in the woods.  I'm not a big "camper," but Jon loves it and I know when we have kids they will love it too.  I actually had a really nice time.  We only stayed two nights and the weather wasn't so bad, although there was a bit of rain.  It was fun hanging out all day and not being worried about what needed to get done.  When you are in the woods, nothing really NEEDS to get done.  I figured I would share a few pictures with yall!

These are the wonderful Mississippi woods we camped in!

This is the entrance we had to take to get to our tent.

As most of you know we went tent camping in Arkansas a few years back and I had to poop in a hole.  I did NOT have to poop in a hole this time!!  Woohoo!!

Our tent!

One would think that you don't eat well while camping, but we were with pros!  Someone at the campout made three pies using cast iron pots and hot coals.  Seriously, that's it...
Campfire time!

Sunday we had to leave the campout around 10 to make it back to Baton Rouge in time for our softball games at 1 and 2.  I'm not even going to pretend I wasn't praying for a rainout.  They did not rain out, but hey that means I got two hours of cardio in!  Monday I played a doubles tennis match and then asked Jon to play more with me when it was over.  I was on fire and we ended up playing 2 1/2 hours or so.  Tuesday was Friendsgiving.  There was no gym, just a TON of food and it was so so delicious!!  Our friends can COOK!!  Wednesday Jon and I played more tennis.  We have just been obsessed lately. Yesterday, I was going to a movie with my sister.  I get off work at 4 on Thursdays and there is a Yogalates class at 4 so I decided to go.  I fought myself on it.  You know those days where you keep talking yourself into and out of going to the gym?  Yes, that's what happened, but I DID go.  So let's talk about Yogalates...

I kept saying I wanted to do Hot Yoga and I found these classes right by work, but when I got there for some reason I just totally forgot about the "lates" part.  I have done Yoga before and I have done Pilates before and I find that although you use a mat to do both, they are fairly different.  This was not a stretching, happy, relaxing experience.  There are LOTS of crunches and planks and push-ups.  Oh, yea and did  I mention there is a full force HEATER on.  For some reason, my dumb self figured they just didn't turn the air on, but's a heater.  But, it is a hell of a workout.  I am more sore today than I can ever imagine being from softball or tennis.  It's a total body workout and every tiny muscle is aching today.  I know they have classes Mon-Thurs at 4:00 and 5:45, but their website has the whole schedule.  Definitely check them out.  I think it's $85.00 a month, but I know I will only want to do that kind of workout about once a week.  I like to mix it up.  You can pay $12.00 a class and I say it's well worth the workout you get.  The classes are an hour long.

You know how some people do reviews on makeup pallettes or foods?  I think it would be kind of cool to do reviews on gym classes in the Prairieville/Baton Rouge area.  Most places you can pay per class.  I wonder if anyone would have any interest in that? 

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