Thursday, August 29, 2013


It's been a while.  I didn't write last Friday on weigh in day because there was not much to report.  I hadn't gained or lost anything.  I knew it was coming because it was period week and I seriously wanted to eat everything I saw.  EVERYTHING.  I didn't do too bad considering.  I had pizza wednesday night.  The rest of the week went great.  I did not gym it at all though.  I was grumpy and extremely tired.  I had run out of my MNS advocare packs.  No excuses, but you guys really didn't need to hear me bitch about not losing any weight because I know exactly why. 

So this week was tough.  I did amazeballs and then my sweet pup passed away Tuesday afternoon.  Things haven't gone too well since then.  I say no excuses most of the time, but this time it's a totally valid excuse.  I haven't had much of an appetite, but when I do decide Im hungry it's usually for comfort food.  I'm back on the wagon today though.  I'm down a pound from last week as of this morning (yes FINALLY hit that 5lb mark), but who knows...that may be up tomorrow morning.  I haven't given up hope and I am keeping consistent.  I know that's the key.  But how frustrating to be the only one who loses weight this slowly?  It may be slow, however it is consistent.  It's going down, not up.  Those 5lbs are NOT water weight.  They didn't come off because I was eating really bad and then started eating healthy.  They are 5 lbs LOST.  They are GONE.  There is no amount of fluctuation that is going to make the scale shoot back up 5lbs.  And hey, look at it this way.   I wanted to lose 25 lbs total.  I am 1/5 of the way there!!  That's something to celebrate!  It's tough to be losing so slow.  I'm probably averaging less than a lb a week at this point, but I do feel like there will be a breakthrough eventually.  I do FEEL smaller.  My pants are fitting looser finally. My point is, it doesn't really matter how fast I am losing it.  I am losing it.  If it takes me a freakin year to lsoe 25lbs then so be it.  As long as I stay consistent and keep doing what I know I need to do, I will be proud of myself.   Life definitely got in the way this week and made it hard to be consistent everyday, but that's going to happen.  You have to keep going if you want to see results.  I feel I need a jumpstart which brings me to my next point...

I get to start my second challenge (FINALLY!!!!) on September 9th.  I'm doing this one with some great girls and I am REALLY REALLY excited about it.  I am more excited about it than my first challenge.  I now know what to expect and the challenges I will face.  I plan on being even more diligent with this one.  I didn't really measure myself that good last time and didn't do as well as I would have liked days 11-24.  When it was over I went back to eating kind of crappy half the time.  I know if I get through the challenge this time and keep up my eating habits with one cheat day a week it will be amazing.  I know I can lose 10lbs on the challenge.  That is my goal.  It would be a HUGE jumpstart and I think it would help to break this plateau.  If I could reach that goal and keep things up I would have only 10 more lbs to lose to reach my goal.  I have never been so ready for something in my life. 

Stay tuned for Monday Sept 9.  I will be measuring and weighing myself to get ready.  I will try to blog everyday during the challenge.  I would love to have a record of what I am eating, as well as how my attitude/moods change.  I think it will be helpful for me as well as for anyone thinking about doing it. 

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