Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Official

It's official everyone...I'm on a diet.  Anyone who has been on a diet before can relate I hope.  This is how I know.  I did wonderful last week.  Ate on target.  Got my workouts in.  Friday night I decided to have my cheat dinner.  Jon and I were at the mall.  Macy's was having an amazing sale.  Like so good that we ended up at the Macy's at Cortana after because I just had to look at the shoes there too.  Anywho, we decided on Pluckers.  OH CHICKEN WINGS.  I <3 you.  There is no other way to express how I feel about you.  I got the three boneless wing combo with fries and buffalo hot sauce.  It was SOO delicious.  I could only eat about one wing to be honest (those things are HUGE!).  This is progress in and of itself since usually I have no problem taking down all three.  My mouth was on fire, my nose was running, yet my heart was happy.  So we head straight to Cortana.  On the way home something happened.  My stomach!!!  Oh no!!!  My body is rejecting the loves of my life.  My wonderful chicken wings.  Yep.  That's how you know your body is officially in "diet mode."  When you cheat and your stomach turns on you because really you turned on your stomach.  Does this mean I'll never eat chicken wings again?  Absolutely not.  I will soon forget how I felt after my wing adventure and I'm sure in a few months on a cheat night I will be up for it again.

I am so looking forward to weight in Friday morning.  I HAVE to hit that damn five lb goal!!  I feel like the scale is mocking me.  I NEED to win.  I WILL beat you scale...don't you worry.  See you on Friday sucker!!

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