Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Morning Weigh In!

Today is weight in!!  Woohoo!!!  I continued chugging my water yesterday like my life depended on it.  Let me tell you how my morning went.  I woke up excited to get on the scale to see if drinking all that water would get me to my -5.  Spoiler Alert:  It didn't.  So I went to get on the scale and I thought wait a second...I still have my glasses on.  I need to put my contacts in because contacts weigh less than glasses.  Yes, this was a legitimate thought that I had.  So, I step on and I am down 1.4!!  I may not have hit my 5lb goal, but I am down a total of 4.2lbs and the number I see on that scale is the smallest number I have seen since I got engaged in May 2012 so BAM!!  I am officially smaller than I was when Jon proposed.  You're supposed to get fatter when you get married right?!  So, I was pretty excited that I have actually LOST weight.

Somthing else I think I need to add.  I'm not sure if anyone is thinking this or not, but this morning I was thinking ok, I have been at this for three weeks now.  That's three weigh-ins and I have only lost 4.2lbs.  Well, that is 1.4 pounds a week which is a healthy amount.  Usually, that first week you have a BIG loss, but unfortunately I did not get that.  The reason I did not get that was because I wasn't eating horribly before.  It's easier to drop 3 or so lbs that first week if you have been drinking soda and eating fried chicken every day.  I wasn't doing that.  I also had the fleeting thought of, "I could have super restricted my calories for a week and dropped 4lbs."  This thought quickly disappeared.  Let me tell you why you should be happy with your victories no matter how small.  When you do some kind of fad cabbage cleanse diet, ONLY hot dogs for a week, or basically just starve yourself for a few days, you are accomplishing NOTHING.  Yes, you may get on the scale and see a better number, but get back on in a few days after you have started eating normally and let me know how that worked for you.  Doing these things aren't helping you LOSE weight.  You are simply misplacing weight for a few days.  I guarantee that shit is hiding under the bed.  Or maybe you accidentally left it at someone's house.  But, I promise you're going to find it...or rather it's going to find you!  Oh, and guess what it might even bring it's friends.  Because you see, you deprived yourself so badly for a week that you think you deserve a freakin congratulations for only eating hot dogs cookie cake or something.  Not cool. 

Keep doing what you are doing.  It's a marathon, not a race.  Be consistent and do something that is maintainable long term.  Restrict your calories for 6 days and then on the 7th have a delicious fatty dinner and some wine.  There IS a happy medium between starving yourself for what you think the perfect body is and eating everyday like it's going to be your last.  You only get one life, so be healthy, but make sure you enjoy that piece of cookie cake every now and then.  Just not everyday.  And just not the whole thing :)

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