Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Struggle

I'm going to talk about a struggle I have in hopes that other people have the same one and it's not just me.  The struggle of what I want to do vs. what I need to do and trying to fit both in to a hectic schedule. 

The bootcamp that I am currently doing has classes at 5, 6, and 7pm.  I get off work at 5, so my options are 6 or 7.  I don't want to go to the 7 class because I like to eat after while I relax and hang out with Jon, so I go to the 6.  It only takes me 15 minutes to get there.  Do you know how frustrating it is to have too much time in between work and class to go straight to class, but not enough time to go home or do anything else?  I feel like I have a 30 minute period each day where I am wasting time.  I didn't get groceries Sunday like I normally do because of vacation.  That meant yesterday I needed to go to work from 8-5, go to the gym from 6-7, and then get groceries thus putting me home at 8pm.  That SUCKS.  I go to sleep at like 10.  This allows me hardly no time to cook or hang out with Jon or relax.  And then all I can think is holy hell I don't even have children yet!!!  How do you parents do it?!?!  On top of that the laundry has not even started to get done.  Lucky for me, the hubs is great and after work he cooked dinner.  I skipped out on the grocery shopping and figured we would work things out haha.  I did some laundry this morning when I woke up. 

The plan this week (after my two crap weekends of over eating) was to eat right and go to bootcamp mon-thurs and saturday morning.  I was/am ready to get back on track.  Yesterday Jon said a friend of ours had called and wanted to know if we could fill in for a softball game last night at 6:30.  I said no, I have bootcamp, but you can if you want (1 point for me).  He decided to go home and cook dinner instead which was great.  We got invited to go play again Thursday at 6:30.  I decided we could since I knew he really wanted to and at least it was something active if I wasn't going to go to bootcamp.  So, now I'm down to three bootcamps this week.  (Do you see where this is going?). It's restaurant week in Baton Rouge.  Google it, it's pretty cool.  You get some good deals on some three course meals at local restaurants.  It's Mon-Saturday.  We had planned to go one night this weekend (trying to only have ONE cheat meal).  So, Jon says, "I want to take you on a date one night this week.  We can go to a restaurant from restaurant week and then a movie.  It won't be as busy as the weekend."  He wants to take me on a date...on a week night.  How do you say no to that?!  It's awesome.  But...that means eating like crap one night and missing bootcamp two out of four nights.  I don't know if this happens to anyone else.  This all came about and I'm in a semi panic because I want to play softball and I want to go on a date and I want to go to bootcamp four night this week and I NEED to get groceries!  WTF?!  Oh yea and did I mention I don't even have kids yet?!  He told me I could go to bootcamp and then we could go to a restaurant and skip the movie.  It seems like a good compromise, but I don't really want to NOT shower before I go.  In the end I told him to go ahead and see if one of his buddies wanted to go eat somewhere and we could still go on Friday night and then we could do softball.  That insures that I eat healthy foods this week and have only ONE cheat meal and make it to bootcamp three night, but still play softball with Jon on Thursday.  I feel like it's a decent compromise, but I do feel a little sad that we miss our weeknight date.  I feel like it's unfair to him sometimes.  Like I am holding him back from doing some things he enjoys.  If it was up to him we would probably do restaurant week 3 or 4 times this week.  If I was smaller and had a quicker metabolism I could do this with him. 

How does everyone else handle these things?  Most of the time I feel like most people would just say screw it, Im gonna go on the date and play softball and live life.  I want to do that, but I have this irrational fear that in a two week period I am going to gain 100 pounds and become discusting and no one will be my friend and I will be shunned by society.  A little dramatic?  Anyone else have this problem?

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  1. Yes, this is me! When I'm home, I do okay during the week because I work out at lunch everyday except Tuesday, but I sometimes have a hard time making the evening classes because I never know when Scott's coming home, I need to cook dinner, etc. I've been trying to do more Crock Pot meals on days where I know my class will interfere with the home life. The weekends though....DIFFERENT STORY! Scott typically works all weekend so I don't have him for an excuse, but I can find ANY excuse not to go to the gym (i.e. Two weekends ago I planned to go once Saturday and once Sunday...I never made either). The main got in the way like you said. All these other tempting things come up and sometimes I'm not strong enough to chose the gym. I'm getting better though!