Monday, July 22, 2013

Goal Setting

I'm thinking it's time to set some hardcore goals.  At first, I was reluctant to do this.  I hate to put a time limit on things because I don't want to get discouraged with what I am doing.  However, I think setting some hardcore short term and long term goals could make me more successful with losing these last lbs!  I feel like without having set goals I am yo-yoing.  What happens is I take my Advocare products Monday through Friday afternoon and eat healthy.  The products REALLY do curb my appetite and give me energy.  Come the weekend I just blow it ridiculously.  I am hoping some set goals will help me stay on point.  So here is the deal....

Jon's 10 year reunion is August 10.  I would like to lose 6lbs by then.  That is a totally obtainable goal. Sara's wedding is October 26.  I would like to lose 12 more lbs by that time which would officially put me at the lowest weight I can remember being.  I would like to lose another 10-15lbs after that to hit my goal weight.  If I could be at my goal weight by 2014 I would be happy!  That gives me 5 whole months to lose 30 or so lbs.  I am hoping to lose more than that or lose the 30 more quickly, but I want to make sure I am on track and don't get discouraged.  I've decided to set a schedule in order to help me stay on track and accountable.  I will be keeping everyone up with my progress!  I was weighing once a month, but I think Im going to back to once a week to stay on top of it.  Hopefully my gym dedication will help to obtain this goal!

August 8                          -6lbs                      Total
September 5                    -6lbs                       -12
October 24                     -6lbs                        -18
November 7                    -6lbs                       -24
December 5                    -6lbs                       -30

As you can see these are not very crazy goals.  It's a good bit less than 2lbs a week, but to be honest I always feel SOO good about myself when I can exceed my goals and I want to set myself up to feel good and not to fail.  They have all gone on my google calendar.  I'm excited about my goals and excited about going to bootcamp this afternoon.  I am also excited that Jon said we could fix up our bikes.  Night time bike rides with him will provide me with some extra calorie burn, but won't feel like working out at all.  I can't wait to finally complete a journey that I have been taking for 4 years now!!!  It's going to feel good to finally reach that goal after standing still for so long!

I would also like to extend the offer to anyone trying to lose weight...If you would like to send me your goals I can set up a calendar for everyone.  We can start a facebook group or just keep it between the two of us.  We can have weekly weigh ins (kind of like WW, but at your own house) and you can report back lbs lost.  This means you can have a buddy while trying to keep up your goals, but you never even have to disclose your weight!

One more thing!  Shout out to Kristyn, Amy, and Elise for joining me Saturday morning at bootcamp!!!

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  1. I love the idea of an online weight loss/get fit group! I won't have access to a scale every week, but I love seeing other people's progress to use as motivation plus it's a great learning opportunity. Keep me posted!