Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life Changing

I want to be a little serious today about what's been going on.  I feel like it's been such a cycle, but from talking to other people with the same struggles I don't think I am the only one.  I want so badly to finish what I started and lose the rest of the weight I need to.  When I watch things like extreme makeover weight loss edition (yes, there is no bachelorette or big brother on Tuesdays...what else are we going to watch?) it motivates me so much to get started.  Then by the weekend I'm all like "Oreo's??!  Where?!!?"  Seems like lately there is a celebration every weekend.  Weddings...Birthdays...Baby showers!  And holy crap all these things have CAKE!  I LOVE CAKE! 

What tends to happen to me is I start doing good.  I'm motivated and ready to go.  I do great Monday through Saturday and then Sunday I have a little cheat.  This is fine.  But then the next week I do good Monday through Friday and have a little cheat on Saturday AND Sunday.  I mean come on guys, it's the weekend.  Everyone else is doing it!  It turns into doing well Monday through Friday until dinner.  This happens for weeks until I am eventually at doing good Wednesday and Thursday.  Ridiculous.

So today is the day people.  Have you ever just thought, "ok eventually it will click.  One day it's just going to start working.  The motivation will last.  When I tell people how much weight I have lost I can tell them I started my journey on this day"??  Well today is the day.  When I tell people I have lost 76 pounds in 5 years, I can say I lost the last 30lbs starting on July 31st, 2013!  I can take a before picture with confidence today knowing I won't have to take another one.  It's going to be tough, but when I go to the Dominican Rebulic in March I want to wear my bikini 24/7 and feel sexy and beautiful.  I can't wait to have the new found confidence that comes with this!

too funny

You may think I'm crazy for going hardcore on a Wednesday, but this is the way it has to be :)


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