Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 4

So I'm on day 4 of the cleanse portion of the challenge and very thankful to not be drinking the fiber drink (GROSS!).  I got on the scale this morning and am 3.2 pounds down from when I weighed myself Monday morning.  People may think this is because of the "cleanse" as in some cleanses keep you in the bathroom, but everything on this one has been completely normal.  Things have been going how they usually do.  On this "cleanse" you also get to eat plenty which is nice.  I have been more full on this nutrition plan than I have ever been on any other diet and honestly I have been more full than I am sometimes when I am not dieting.  I've been drinking a ridiculous amount of water which is also really good for you.  Guess I'll do a little breakdown of what I have been doing in case anyone is interested in trying it out...

The first phase is the cleanse.  It's 10 days and the eating is a little stricter than the 14 after, but still about the same concept.  Basically you are taking some supplements and eating "clean" as in a lot of healthy natural stuff.  No refined sugar or white flour.  All that processed stuff that's not so good for you.  This is the kind of days I have been having the last three:

7:30: Get up and have my Spark drink on the way to work.  People talk about these like they are the second coming of Jesus and I had been doing all kinds of eye rolling...and then I drank one.  Holy cow people, this stuff is greatness.  It tastes good and it makes me feel really good.  It curbs my appetite and starts my day off right.  It is supposed to replace you cup of coffee.  I didn't drink coffee before.

9:00:  I'm at work at this point and I had to drink the nasty ass fiber drink the last few days.  I get a little break from it for the next few thankfully.  Drinking this stuff is like drinking grass.  It's pretty digusting.  I got it down, but YUCK.  Anywho, after that I try and drink a whole bottle of water.  I don't want that fiber getting stuck if ya know what I mean.  For breakfast I have a boiled egg and two boiled egg whites.  You get to have a fruit too.  I'm usually so full by this point from all the spark, fiber, water, eggs, that I can't do it.  You are suppose to be EATING on this DIET.  It's pretty nice.

11:00:  I get to have a snack here.  Yesterday I had a half of a cucumber and two Tbsp of hummus.  Delicious!

1:30:  I usually eat a pretty late lunch.  Yesterday I had 2 ounces of grilled chicken (I can have up to four, but Im telling you I stay full ALL day), 1/2 cup of black beans, and some brussel sprouts. 

4:00:  I have to force this snack down.  I am full, but want to keep my metabolism up so I eat half of an apple or some cantaloupe. 

5:00:  Get off of work and head to the gym.  Usually feeling pretty good and peppy for the gym at this point which is nice.  I don't even think about it.  Just kind of head there and do my thing. 

6:30:  Dinner!  I take 2 Omega Plex and last night I had four ounces of ground turkey with homemade taco seasoning in lettuce wraps with some salsa and half an avacado.  Yummers! 

I had a softball game last night at 8:30 and was dreading it because I figured I would be starving after.  I got home around 10, took a bath, and took my other cleanse pack and went to bed.  Didn't even think about a snack.  Also, Aunt Flo came to visit (that bitch) so I'm pretty pleased with how well I am doing!

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