Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zoodle Spaghetti

It finally happened!  I got a Vegetti.  I've been wanting one for awhile now and I finally got one and was ready to attempt Zoodle (zucchini noodle) Spaghetti!

I started out with these delightful chicken meatballs.  The ingredient list is very short.  Chicken..onions..bell pepper.  That kind of think.  I pre-heated my oven to 375 and stuck those guys in there for 12 minutes.  I got these from Alexanders.  I am pretty sure you can get them in bulk at Costco as well.

I used this marinara from Trader Joe's.  No sugar added.  It's Jon's favorite sauce and it is definitely delicious.  I just dumped it in a pot to heat.  When the meatballs came out I dumped them in there as well.

Now the exciting part!  My vegetti!  You can get your very own vegetti in 2 days from AMAZON.  
After making numerous jokes to myself (Jon wasn't home yet) about putting the large zucchini in my vegetti and wondering if my vegetti was self cleansing or dishwasher safe.  Also, how I was a little nervous to put something in my vegetti for the first time.  Ok, I'm done.  It was actually super easy and made plenty of "pasta" like noodles.  I tasted them raw and they were good, but decided to saute them to soften them a bit.

I heated up a little coconut oil.  If you haven't tried coconut oil I definitely recommend.  It makes everything taste better!

And went to sauteing my zoodles...

The finished product looked something like this and it was delightful!  I am super excited to use my vegetti more.  As you can see the only problem is that the zucchini let out a little water, but it really wasn't that big of a deal and everything still tasted great!  Enjoy!

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