Friday, October 2, 2015

A kaitweight update

Anyone reading this is probably friends with me on facebook.  So, anyone who is reading this probably knows what we are going through.  I don't mind doing a little shameless plugging here, and once again, ask you all to sign up for the Baby Steps Infertility Awareness 5k under Team Mitchell!  You don't even have to show up or run!


I've been a little MIA because of all the treatments.  They are taxing in so so many ways.  I won't talk too much about that on here.  This will probably be the only time it's brought up on the blog.  Why?  Because this is a health/fitness/weight loss blog, and to be quite honest the subject of infertility is a real bummer.  And my blog is NOT a bummer.  

I will say (only because it relates to weight loss) that one of the ways this process is so taxing is what these lovely drugs do to your body.  I have been being pumped with fertility meds on a monthly basis for about 8-9 months.  Starting with Clomid, on to Femara, HCG trigger shots...the list goes on and on.  
A little cut and paste from the internets about the HCG trigger shot (my least fave of all the meds):
HCG is a natural hormone that the body produces during pregnancy and because of this, most of the potential side effects of the trigger shot are very similar to those related to early pregnancy. Common side effects include mild abdominal cramps, swelling, breast tenderness and nausea.
You read that right yall.  They give women who are desperate to be pregnant a shot that then gives them all the symptoms of pregnancy.  I get to have horrible heartburn for two weeks and then not be pregnant.  Seems kind of cruel to me.  Another fun fact about this shot is that it will give you a positive pregnancy test until it's out of your system, but I digress.  

On top of that there are two weeks each month where I am not supposed to do anything high impact.  Like running.  Or tennis.  So, that just about covers everything I like to do.  This is seriously what I looked like when I was told that...


Oh I forgot to tell you guys!  I am actually currently expecting!!  I'm expecting an emotional breakdown at any moment.  And this pooch that appears to be a baby bump?  It's actually an estrogen baby.  I bet you guys have to be wondering why I'm always glowing if I'm not pregnant?!?!  I'm actually sweating.  It's called a hot-flash.  And it sucks.  I don't mean to make light of a serious situation, however, if you can't laugh about it things can really start to be a bummer.  On to the good part....

No more meds!!  No more drugs!!  No more estrogen baby!!  At least for a few months while we take a break and I take some much needed time to be myself again and get back in the routine that I love!  Back to my happy place.  Back to running and tennis.  I played a singles match last night and was in SUCH a good mood after.  I am already starting to feel like myself again.  Oh, and just so you know the Louisiana Marathon and 1/2 are 15 weeks away.  Takes 12-14 weeks to train.  It's the weekend before my 30th birthday.  Just so you know....

And with that, I'm signing off.  I'll be talking to you guys soon!  

By the way, if you are struggling with infertility please feel free to message me about it.  I don't have a problem talking to you and letting you vent or ask questions.  This process can make you feel very alone, but trust me when I say YOU ARE NOT!!  Every single person I have talked to about this is either struggling with it themselves or knows someone who is or has struggled with it.  I promise you aren't alone.

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