Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm back....

I'm back from vacation and I must say it was AMAZING!!!  I will spare you the details.  Most of you have seen the pictures on facebook and there really isn't any need for me to make you any  more jealous than you already are! 

Ok...maybe one or two :)

While I was gone I hit 10,000 views on my blog!  I am so happy I started this.  It has been a blast writing and I really do enjoy it, even when it feels like no one is reading.  More good news...

The damage on vacay?  2 pounds.  I will take that ANY DAY!  A whole week of vacay and I only shot up 2 pounds.  This is where it is a blessing that I don't enjoy drinking too much.  I think that number would be a lot worse had I indulged in alcohol more than just for one of the nights.  Also, a large blessing that I didn't like the way the cokes tasted there.  I'm sure that helped (side note...Jon and I gave up soda for lent.  I don't really drink them often so it should be easy.  It was his idea and he thought it would be simple until I reminded him he couldn't drink whiskey and coke either.  Sucker.)

So, back on track today.  Yes, on a Friday.  I'm feeling really good and really motivated.  I'm back to my Friday morning weigh ins and I cannot wait until next Friday to see this weight fall off.  I'll be keeping this one short and sweet, but I finally got to read my sisters blog post about her challenge results.  It's definitely an awesome read for anyone who struggles with eating!!  Check it out:

24 Day Challenge Re-Cap

I'll be back next week and starting my "Running Route Review" series!  I would love to run ALL the routes in Baton Rouge and give yall the lowdown.  Hoping to get one in at a new location this weekend.  Stay tuned.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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