Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This is my current playlist top 30.  I am always adding and deleting songs, but this is current.  I don't just use this for running.  This is also for spin or anything else I may be doing.  Sometimes just dancing around the house.  (That burns calories too, right?!)  If you don't have spotify...get it.  I don't buy ANY music now, unless I really feel the need to support the artist.  My guess is that they get a kickback from spotify.  We pay the 9.99 a month to have it on our phones too.  I listen at work, in the car, at the gym, while running, while cooking.  You name it.  You can download playlists so you don't need the internets to listen.  It's totally worth the 10 bucks we pay each month.  End spotify plug (they should pay me).

Warning:  Excessive Katy Perry on this playlist. 

1.  Part of me-Katy Perry
2.  Teenage Dream-Katy Perry
3.  All of the Lights-Kanye
4.  My Homies Still-Lil Wayne and Big Sean
5.  Disparate Youth-Santigold
6.  Feel so close-Calvin Harris
7.  Blunt Blowin-Lil Wayne
8.  Electric Feel-MGMT
9.  Stronger-Kanye
10.  Roar-Katy Perry
11.  Let Me Go-Maverick Sabre
12.  Hollaback Girl-Gwen Stefani
13.  Timber-Ke$ha and Pitbull
14.  Drink You Away-Justin Timberlake
15.  Give It To You-Robin Thicke and Kendrick Lamar
16.  Move Your Feet-Junior Senior
17.  Right Thurr-Chingy
18.  Little Red Corvette-Prince
19.  Lonely Boy-The Black Keys
20.  Pickup Truck-Kings of Leon
21.  Birthday-Katy Perry
22.  Dark Horse-Katy Perry (sorry yall...)
23.  Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe-Kendrick Lamar
24.  Happy-Pharell Williams
25.  She Wants to Move-N.E.R.D.
26.  Rock That Body-Black Eyed Peas
27.  DARE-Gorillaz
28.  Pump It-Black Eyed Peas
29.  Out of My Mind-B.o.B and Minaj
30.  Midnight City-M83

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