Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For the runners

So I "liked" the rock 'n' roll marathon series on facebook.  Yes, I am thinking of doing another half.  No, I'm not that crazy.  When I told Jon he said, "You said the first one was the worse experience of your whole entire life."  Maybe I was a bit dramatic.  I always get that itch around this time.  It's because winter is on it's way out and there is nothing I love more than running in the 100 degree dead heat of July (I am not even being sarcastic here).  I really do love running on Louisiana's hottest days.  There is just something about finally finishing and getting to go inside where you can lay on the floor of the living room with the fan on high while you sweat for another hour and drink REHYDRATE (Advocare shoutout!!  That shit is the bomb!  Mango Pineapple!).  I started running again a few weeks ago.  I noticed the Rock n roll half is going to be in New Orleans on January 25.  That's my goal.  But wait...there's more.  My goal isn't to finish without dying this time!!  I want to beat my time from the one I did last year (shouldn't be hard.  It was pretty shitty).  I am shocked that I am running at all.  When I was in middle school I can remember dreading P.E.  I was an athletic kid, but I sure did HATE running.  That 1/4 mile warm-up jog KILLED me.  I can distinctly remember getting to the side of the track with no coaches there and walking, but pumping my arms like I was jogging so the coaches wouldn't yell at me. 

Also, a little side note.  I was talking to some people about marathons the other day and we were talking about the Louisiana and how it is a qualifier for Boston.  I was wondering why people come from other states to run here.  Apparently, we have some of the best weather and flattest roads.  Who knew?!?!  Then, I got a little sad because I realized that I can't even say, "Maybe I would have a better time somewhere else, where race conditions are better."  Crap.

If you are not a runner and you want to be I highly recommend the couch to 5k program.  It is an 8 week program that starts out slow.  I ALWAYS start out with this program when I haven't been running for a few weeks.  It insures that I won't hurt myself and my knees don't want to give out.  I'm doing this right now as a warm up.  When I finish this I will start on the couch to 10k which is 14 weeks of training.  Slow and steady people.  THEN...Hal Higdon's intermediate (am I being over zealous?) half marathon program which is 12 weeks.  This is 34 weeks total of training and the half is in about 48 weeks.  This gives me PLENTY of time to train if I keep up my running all year.  This also helps me to meet my 365 miles this year goal.  I haven't forgotten!!  So, to all my runners...or want to be runner...or if you are like me very slow joggers out there, this one is for you!!

I also plan to post a playlist later this week as well as put together a list of places to run in BR and pville (with the help of some facebook buddies) with the mileage of each. 

I have noticed it gets easier when I go every day, as opposed to every other day or every few days.
Word Tom Fleming.  Word
Nike Running. Running is a gift. I love the way I feel when I run...Strong. Blank slate.
There are a lot of people who, literally CANNOT run.  I am not one of those people.
Motivational Poster #45 | Runner's World @Rebecca Ainsworth
Burning M&Ms - funny running
Is it bad that I thought if I run a another half that is only 337 M&M's and that's really not THAT many.  I mean, I think I could do it.  The M&M's, not the half.
Funny #run haha i hate when i do that
This one just made me laugh out loud.
And last, but certainly not least...
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