Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Weigh In and Tips!

Thursday weigh in day woop woop!!  I am going to start posting my progress every Thursday now.  I did my first weigh in two weeks ago on Thursday 7/18.  I used that as my starting weight.  I didn't do great that week as I wasnt super motivated.  My weigh in on 7/25 yielded a whopping loss of 1 pound!  Hey it was going in the right direction haha.  Today my loss was 2.4 lbs for a total of 3.4 lbs lost!!  I'll take it.  My first goal to meet was to lose 5lbs by next Thursday.  I think I am pretty well on track.  The number to see on the scale next Thursday is a loss of 1.6lbs.  I am going to work my ass off for that 1.6!  Stay tuned for next Thursday...

I also wanted to share some tips that I use to keep my eating habits under control.  I often browse through pinterest and the web looking for good tips to use and I come across things like, "eat smaller portions."  No shit right?  Can this even be called a weight loss tip?  I'm pretty sure that is common sense.  I need tips that help me to achieve that.  Another one I recently saw was, "skip deep fried foods."  Ya think?!  Are you telling me I can't eat deep fried foods and still lose weight?!  My mind has been sufficiently blown.  I did find one good tip on pinterest though:

Just a helpful weight loss tip

So here are some of my tips that I feel actually help me stay on track instead of just stating the obvious.

*I use my fitnesspal.  Therefore, I am counting calories.  At the end of the day after dinner, if I have calories left for a treat I will try and eat that treat right after dinner.  As soon as I have logged all my calories into myfitnesspal and I am OUT of calories for the day I brush my teeth.  Brushing my teeth signifies that nothing else is going in my mouth for the night. 

*For a long time I was in the habit of saying well if I blow it on Monday guess I have to wait until next Monday to start.  Or if I blow it at lunch the rest of the day is ruined.  FALSE.  If you mess up at lunch get right back to it.  It makes a big difference on the scale.

*Sometimes I feel like I am going to legit die if I don't eat.  I am actually just bored or thirsty.  If you get hungry drink some water and distract yourself.  My favorite way to distract myself is to look at the health and fitness section of pinterest or read a weight loss blog.  One of my favorites is Mama Laughlin.  Google her and read from the beginning.  She's been at if for a few years.  She has been through two pregnancies.  She is definitely a good inspiration.

*Bring your workout clothes to work.  Whether I am going straight to the gym or even running at home, I try to change at work before I leave.  When I am being a lazy lard butt and I go home and want to lay on the couch it is a lot harder to not feel like a loser when I have actual workout clothes on.  It is literally half the battle and works about 99% of the time.

* Hey you know that Nike saying, "Just Do It?"  Totally accurate.  Sometimes I am tired after work.  I just don't wanna do shit.  But, I don't think at all.  It's like you have to become a caveman and just give yourself very simple commands.  Put clothes on...get in lady...and then you are at the gym and you don't even remember how you got there or what happened in the last 30 minutes, but you're there so you might as well do something right?!

Total weight loss:  3.4lbs

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