Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taco Bell?

I haven't posted that many posts on this blog so far, and yet here we are with a second post containing taco bell stories.  Seems to be a trend here.  I had taco bell today for lunch.  Now, before you judge me let me tell you the whole story.

It has been a bad week.  Like really bad.  Like life is totally shitting all over my head and then laughing at me.  However, today took the cake.  I won't go into details.  I'm not one to have a super duper pity party every day, but just know that TODAY HAS SUCKED.  If ever I was on the fence about whether or not I am an emotional eater, I now know the answer.  Yes...yes I am.  I was craving taco bell for lunch and since I was on my way back to work from the car dealership for the second time today and passing by I stopped.  I saw. I smelled.  I devoured.  But let me tell you what else I did.  I recorded.  I ate a soft taco fresco (190 calories) and an order of pintos and cheese (170 calories) and into myfitnesspal it went.  Everything in moderation people.  In my humble opinion it's ok to eat taco bell when you are having a bad day.  Just go easy on it.  Shit, the first time I ever lost a significant amount of weight I was a senior in high school.  All I ate was fast food.  I was doing weight watchers and at least 3 nights a week I would have wendy's chili (4 points) or mac and cheese (4 points) and mashed potatoes (3 points) from KFC or pintos and cheese (3 points).  Those are the old points by the way.  The ones they used from like 10 years ago, but my point was to show you that I still remembered.  Also, Im sure if you are reading this and you are really into your health and whanot you are totally grossing out that I heart taco bell.  To you I say shut your mouth before I shove a chalupa in it! 

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