Thursday, June 18, 2015

I AM a runner

Oh hi running, it's been a little while.  It's official.  I'm back at it.  I have a subscriptions to RW.  Serious business.  It never fails.  I always go back to running.  Things I have been thinking about:

-I started running to lose weight in 2008.  That means I have been running for 8 years.  EIGHT YEARS.  And I still say things like, "Oh, I'm not REALLY a runner.  I'm so slow."  You know what, damnit?  I AM a runner!  I'm a runner for real.  Eight years in, I think I've earned the title.

-After reading a few RW's, I've realized that we don't have the coolest places to run.  It makes me a little jealous reading about all these towns that have all these amazing parks and running trails.  We have neighborhoods and the LSU lakes.  That's about it.

-Did you know that there was recently a 5k somewhere where Kendrick Lamar performed on the back of a moving truck while people chased it?!?  That is SOO cool.

-Did you know that the 10k is the most popular race?  And I've never run one.  I've done numerous 5ks and a half, but never a 10k.  Think it's time to change that.

-Hippos weight 5000 pounds, h ave really short legs, and run 30mph.  That's faster than Usain Bolt.  I have a chance...

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