Wednesday, June 10, 2015

HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle

As some of you may know (and if you don't you should) a HUGE part of being healthy and losing or maintaining weight is drinking a ridiculous about of water.  I am a big fan of the BKR water bottle line.  I have a 32 oz. one and it goes everywhere with me.  It is glass and dishwasher safe and has a large opening which I prefer in water bottles.  Did I mention it's kind of adorable?

bkr Glass Water Bottle 32 oz. - Dark Pink
I got mine off of Birchbox.  You can also opt for the 16oz bottle if you prefer.

With that being said, I came across the gofund me page for something called the HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle.

Check out the video.  The bottle has an app associated with it that will tell you how much you need to drink.  It sinks with your MFP and fitbit so if you do physical activity it will up your consumption.  The app also adjusts for current temperature and humidity in your area.  It's dishwasher safe, and the best part??  It freaking glows when you need to drink more water!!  The release date for this is December 2015.  I have not contributed yet, but I plan on begging Santa to contribute on my behalf.  Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. I've been on a hunt for a new water bottle! I'll have to check this one out!