Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kait Weight For Real

Hi Everyone!!

Did you miss me?!?

Monday I had a small surgery (nothing to worry about/quick and painless with minimal recovery).  In fact, today I went on a run when I got home from work (cleared by the doctor of course!)  I get some of my best thinking done when I am mid run and I started thinking today, as the Alabama Shakes blared through my iPod, "why did I quit blogging??  Was it because not very many people read it?  Why did I stop when I love it so much?"  The answer I came up with was that, although there are a million things that come together to make me up, the one thing that I just really enjoy working on and writing about is my fitness, my weight loss, my diet.

I stand by my declaration that weight isnt everything, but health is pretty high up there on the list of priorities.  So, why not write about what I like to write about?  The blog is something that I enjoy doing that really makes me happy.   With all that being said, Welcome back to Kait Weight.  For real.

In conjuction with the blog renewal, you can also follow me on instagram at kaitweight where you will be able to look at douchey gym selfies of yours truly as well as the ever dreaded food pictures.  I am really excited to start writing again about what I love.  I leave you with this...

A friend and I have signed up for the Twerk Werkout class at Teaze fitness BR for August 11 at 7:30pm.  I urge you to join us if you would like.  It's 10 bucks and the class should look a little something like this....

You're Welcome...

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