Thursday, April 24, 2014

Freedom, running in shorts, and the pursuit of happiness

One of my goals when I was bigger was to be able to run in shorts.  I could never do it because shorts would ride up and I would constantly be yanking on them.  So I lost some weight and tried again and the same thing happened.  I just didn't feel comfortable enough and the shorts would still ride up.  I would be pulling, and yanking, and wondering what people were thinking about me.  I even tried running with shorts over bike shorts.  It was equally uncomfortable.  I had given up.  Let's face the facts here.  With this body shape I have there was never going to be enough weight loss for my thighs not to touch.  And I am totally OK with that.  Muscular thighs typically DO touch and I would rather that than tiny bird legs.  I knew the only way I would ever be able to run in shorts is if they were tight shorts.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  The ones the HOT runners wear.  You know, something like this...

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And I told myself I would get there.  I told myself that when I looked like her I would certainly rock those shorts while running.  When I was a HOT runner I would wear them.  And I waited to look like that...and waited...and waited.

Yesterday Jon had a tennis match at 6:30 so I figured I would run home, change my clothes, and go for a run at Highland park so I could watch his match after.  I usually wear compression capris ALL the time for ALL the workouts.  I have been running, doing stadiums, doing yogalates etc like a crazy person the last few weeks.  I was in a hurry and ran to our room to throw on a tank top and some capris and low and behold they were ALL dirty!!  My choices were long black workout pants or fitted shorts.  Two months ago I would have grabbed the pants without thought and left to run while sweating my ass off.  Yesterday was different.  In my new found fit fat confidence I chose the shorts.

Oh, btw I am coining the term "fit fat."  You know how people say I want to be "fit skinny" not "fat skinny?"  As in, they want to be small and toned and not small and soft.  Well people I am "fit fat."  I am not small and skinny, but my body is tighter than a lot of "fat skinny" people.  I always thought I would be happier being fit or fat skinny.  Turns out I am really starting to fall in love with the body I have.  

Anywho, I went to my drawers and decided to wear the 6 dollar danskin "fitted" shorts that I had previously bought from walmart to put under tennis skirts.  At first, when I put them on I was a bit self-conscience wondering what people would think, but once I got out there to the park and started running and feeling the air on my legs, all was forgotten.  It turns out I AM a HOT runner.  I felt sexy on my whole entire run.  I quickly remembered that this is MY body.  It's MINE to do whatever I want with.  It's MINE to dress however I want to.  It isn't someone else's body top judge or dress.  They are welcomed to look at it, but that is about it.  It's MINE and I love it!!  There is something very freeing about deciding to love your body guys.  I highly, highly suggest you start to work on it.  Don't wait and wait and wait until you have someone else's "perfect body."  Love it now as it is and it will suddenly start to transform into YOUR perfect body.

Excuse the dirty mirror and clothes on the floor...

After my run, watching Jon play tennis and enjoying feeling free and happy!!

Here's to running in shorts on the regular!!  I hope you will try it!

QUICK are the shorts.  Oh, they weren't 6 bucks.  Hello $4.84!

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