Wednesday, August 14, 2013

H2O NO!!

So I got on the scale Monday morning...I KNOW Im not supposed to, but I did.  People say not to get obsessed with that number, but isn't that what losing weight is about?!  That number?!  I mean if you were running a 5k, people wouldn't say don't be obsessed with finishing.  That is the end game.  That is your goal.  It's tough, because I know in a sense they are right.  You want your clothes to fit better.  You want to be healthier and more fit.  But then again the number is my goal and I feel like, at least for now, that is what I need to concentrate on.  The number on Monday morning sucked.  It was the same number I saw last Thursday morning at weigh in.  Oh so frustrating.  I thought all day about what I am doing wrong.  Calories in...calories out...calories in...calories out.  Diet...Exercise...Diet....Exercise.  I'm doing it right.  This isn't adding up.  What the heck?!?!  So, I just told myself to keep being consistent.  Something is eventually going to click.  And then last night it did!!

You guys know Tuesday night is my Extreme makeover weight loss edition night.  I got home, and Jon and I played some tennis before the rain started.  He won the first set 6-3, but the second set was 2-4 in my favor when we had to leave because of the rain.  I maintain that I would have won that set.  Anywho, we are watching EWLME and at one point the guy is eating at a restaurant and the lady has to keep filling his water glass over and over and over and eureka there it is!!  I'm  not drinking enough water!!! 

Now, I have lost weight before.  I know what it takes.  And I am pretty sure I was resistant to drinking tons of water when I first started too.  It's not that I hate water or anything, I'm just NEVER thirsty so I kind of forget to do it.  I know this is bad.  I do drink water during the day people, just not near enough of it.  I don't know why I think I am so much better than water.  But I do.  There, I said it.  For some reason, I always think calories in vs calories out.  Screw water.  I'm doing this MY way!!  Nope.  Water disagrees.  The scale disagrees.  I can do this my way and keep staying the same weight or I can do this waters way.  Ok water, you win.  Let's do this.

So, I have moved weekly weigh in back to Fridays.  I think it will be all around better anyway.  I plan on drinking an OBSCENE amount of water today and tomorrow.  I am fairly confident this is the problem.  I am praying that this is the problem!  This problem is fixable.  Stay tuned for Friday because I will be letting you know my weight loss and hopefully proving to everyone once and for all that without water you aren't going to have any success.

On a side note:  I'm sure whoever reads this already knows that I am having an advocare mixer Saturday, August 24th at 11am.  I urge you to come!  You have absolutely nothing to lose and you get to come see my house and hang out with me so it is definitely a win/win situation.  Even, I'm having a plateau moment, after losing weight the first time I never knew it could be THIS easy to track my food and stay on target with my calories.  Advocare is the main reason I have stuck with this for 4 weeks after only seeing a 2.8lb loss total.  Most people wouldn't have done that, because let's face it, it's way easier to eat what we want.  However, with advocare helping me along I had no desire to quit.  I used to have food on my mind CONSTANTLY.  Especially when trying to lose weight.  Even when you are thinking about calories or ww points or whatever you may be thinking about, it's hard not to harp on food every hour of every day.  With the products I'm using they curb my appetite enough and give me enough energy to eat when I am supposed to eat and the portion that I am supposed to eat without thinking about it as much.  I am in love with these products guys.  They are worth every penny to me.

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